questionswhat is your favorite kind of rum/whiskey?


I do not like Jack's Green Label. I only mention that to point out that my tastes may not line up with yours.

Do you like/ are you familiar with bourbon? Irish whiskey? Canadian?


@anotherhiggins: I don't know bourbon well, but I drink jim beam now and then. It's not bad, but I prefer a little more spice. I don't have much experience with Irish or Canadian whiskey. I like jameson, but I'm not sure how that compares to most Irish. I also like a single malt scotch when I can get it, but they're usually out of my price range.


My favorite is Booker's. It's about 125 proof (it varies by bottle) and goes great with ice and nothing else. Unfortunately, it's also about $60 a fifth. Moderately priced...I'd go with Maker's Mark or Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.


@anotherhiggins: Maker's Mark? Where does that stand in your likes or dislikes? Mostly curious, and yes, on those extremely rare occasions that I drink hard liquor, that's one of the ones I'll drink.

BTW, never got around to thanking you for pointing out Penzey's, about a hundred years ago (or at least it seems that long). Great place.


@shrdlu: I like Maker's Mark a lot. Solid choice in its price range.

Canadian Club 12 year is a decent cheap Canadian. It's quite sweet, though. Not much spice or smoke at All.

Maybe Bushmill's Black.

I'll look through my "liquor cellar*" tomorrow to get some more ideas.

*Back when I first met my wife, I was renting a house with a buddy. We converted the formal dining room into a bar, complete with a 6 foot mahogany-top bar and 48 bottles of top shelf liquors on glass shelves on the wall behind the bar, with a lot more bottles stored under the bar.

I still have an absurd amount left. But these days we have a small, respectable "lawyer's cabinet" bar upstairs with the vast majority of the bottles stored next to the wine in our basement.


Cragganmore is probably my favorite single malt though there are very few whiskeys (single malt, bourbon, rye, etc.) that I don't like; it is more a question of my mood than anything else.

I normally drink Dewar's White Label as it is easier on my wallet.


Elijah Craig 18 year and Gentleman Jack are my favorites.


Royal Lachnagar, although you can't go wrong with a 25 year old Macallan's, either. :)

Bushmills 10 year old is a close second.


@okham: Great choices! Love me some Irish on the rocks.


@jmattoon: or throw in some of those whiskey stones. I love mine.


Edradour single malt whisky (Scotland's smallest legal distillery), or Balvenie's double wood single malt whisky series.

On the American side, I've grown particularly fond of Buffalo Trace bourbon:


bacardi superior every holiday season they have killer mail in rebates on bacardi, (like buy 5 get $45, buy 4 get $30) so I stock up. At any given time I have 10-15 bottles of near-free bacardi. Strange how booze that's almost free tastes better...


Thanks everyone- lots of things to try now :)

@anotherhiggins: can't wait to hear with what ya come up with.

@kamikazeken: How's that compare to bacardi gold? Just asking because I know I personally can't stand their gold and it's the only bacardi rum I've tried


For rum, a few solid choices include 1) Ron Zacapa 23-Year (probably the best rum out there), 2) Zaya 12-Year, 3) Pyrat Rum (made by the same people as Patron tequila), and 4) Ron Anejo Aniversario. Those are just to name a few, but those are easily my favorites, so why even mention the rest?

And for a moderately expensive, but not TOO pricey, whiskey/bourbon... Knob Creek, hands down. Love it.