questionsis the vote button dead?


But now that the Vote! button is no more, the shirt is a collector's item. And YOU, lucky stiff, managed to score one! Go old school and wear it with pride!


@drigout: You can point at your shirt and say "back in my day...."


I was just about to post something like this right before I saw your question.


Then when I have kids I can tell them that back in my day's we had creatures called Wootstaceans witch controlled the world.


Personally I think the new button looks funky but love that we can vote things both up and down.

Your shirt is now retro. That gives you +10 against sceners.


Woah. We can vote stuff down now. Trippy.

I wonder how this will affect deals going popular? Since stuff can go up or down now, it's gotta be different.


I don't know - the left hand side of the display seems, well, light. It's missing something.

I like the up/down vote capability, but the widget doesn't have the same impact as the old exclamation point thing.

I feel like the site has lost some of it's character, and let's face it, Woot! is all about character.


@durkzilla: I have to agree.

There was something very nice about the simplicity of the vote button. You like it, you click it, that's it.

Downvoting seemed like a great idea for a long time (prior to being implemented), but now it just seems, well, not so useful. There just aren't that many GOOD reasons to downvote:

Vendorspam - Unless people actually like it, wouldn't it not have votes anyways?
Trolling comments - Downvoting won't do all that much here.
Very bad deal - You can get the item for so much less that it should be criminal that someone posted this. Still, just don't upvote it?

Then there are the numerous BAD reasons to downvote:
You don't like someone: Hurt their score
You don't think a deal is that great - Not voting served the same purpose
You had Lucky Charms for breakfast, so right now it doesn't look like a deal to buy 5lbs of it.

In general, I am having a hard time seeing how it is an improvement, and even feels like a step backwards.

I miss the Vote button.


@rlapid2112: Field test? I say one thing to you, and that is this:

The autoposting by wootbot was a field test. Just for a month. They said.