questionshow did halloween weekend go? (now with candy…


I spent the weekend at my inlaws' house and came home with fleas.


@tippypaws: Oh boy. If I were you, I would have left the fleas there instead of taking them home. Now you're going to be in trouble :)


@cengland0: Now you tell me! I didn't know that was an option :)

Luckily I treated the dogs with Frontline when we got home and I think the fleas are already dead. What kind of candy do you think I could get for a handful of dead fleas on the candy trading guide?


I like Mary Janes.
Don't judge me.

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Excellent trading guide video, especially the Mom and Dad Tax part. :) But I think Reese's are worth 2X anything else.


Our weekend here went great. We had our Halloween Karaoke Costume Party on Saturday and carved pumpkins with a few friends on Sunday.

Snickers & Reese's - trump all. Though I'll haggle with you over Kit-Kat and Butterfinger.