questionswhat do we do now?


I don't know - I more or less left the site for two days and came back to find that I made it into the top 10 of the leaderboard in my absence. I did read some deals and read some questions, but I didn't post comments. Something must really be wrong here.


@omnichad: Whoa! I had a pretty decent bump in rep as well. I voted on less than ten deals, voted on several comments on the ATC side and posted one deal a few days ago.
@shrdlu will probably pop in to explain. It's Math, Algorithms, and Black Magic VooDoo.


I think we wait for them to create a forum for the usual antics, because it's a solution that makes sense. It was actually refreshing to see deals questions being answered on ATC.

gasp, the horror


@lotsofgoats: I don't deny that. It's good to see those question not overlooked. But who really enjoyed being here?

I'm really hoping to hear that the forum is coming, but mostly I'd like to hear something real from more than the regular staff. I don't need immediate action, I need immediate feedback and direction.


My rep also bumped a bit by mostly doing nothing, but I've seen that happen before as a result of everyone fleeing. I've stuck around out of habit, but habits can change.


@nmchapma: I just feel like if we talk enough about the new deals.woot forums that are definitely going to be implemented, they'll appear. Like Beetlejuice rules, or something.



I say we go on with what we usually do. I can't see how cutting off additional traffic is supposed to help here. Even before the FAQ, participation has slowed down already.

Depending on my mood later this morning, I suppose I could toss up a question that'd fully comply with the spirit of the rule but with complete snark.

(I'm less than 24 hours into my little experiment of how far voting on a couple questions, many answers, and now a second reply. Let's see how far up from #1245 does it get my how-to-get-around-this-limit-three-shirts-thing-account today ...)


@lavikinga: They appear to have altered the algorithm about a week ago, giving slightly more precedence to deal posting/voting/commenting than had been true in the past.

They've deleted so much stuff on the Questions side from the past day or so that I'm starting to be nervous about how far back in time they went.


@narfcak3: I also note that you went from about 4% back to 0% since I first looked, earlier, when Deals came back up.


@shrdlu: Deleted questions? Oh, man. Some of them were pretty decent, like our little rocket boy's jewelry lessons, or the recipes & gardening discussions.
Well, this is just dandy.


I've decided I'm going to be very busy asking questions about deals and that you will join me in this endeavor.


Not deleted questions. Just hiding for a bit. They're working on bringing them back.


Just to add a bit more info, there was a technical issue that caused some questions to "disappear" for a time. We still have all the data intact and the (totally awesome) developers (that work very very hard) are working toward restoring them to visibility.

Annnnd hang in there on FAQ questions (FAQQ?). Still working on an amenable solution. One of the benefits of being a scrappy little buncha weirdos is we have some room to be agile and flexible.


@shrdlu: Holy handbags! My rep is a smidge under 99% and I've a ranking of 41! Poor Deals. It's really, REALLY broken. Those scrappy buncha weirdos really do have their work cut out for them. Good luck, woot weirdos.


I submitted a question just after 1AM - woot's beginning of Friday. Respected the 2 day hands off time. Thought I'd try a non-deal question, JIC the 'proposed' deal-only question rule had not gone into effect.

Guess they're enforcing question was deleted almost immediately. Don't think it had anything to do w/the problems mentioned previously.

Don't want to make a tongue-in-cheek false question as some are. Hopeful that a forum will be made for members to talk freely about things not related to deals.

Kindly suggesting something like the woot Community has..."Everything But Woot." The one here could say, "Everything But Deals."


While I'm thinking about this, @thunderthighs, I just wanted you to know that I liked the stuff you posted. I never even knew there was a site called the Book Depository until you posted a deal from it. Half Price Books too.

You posted good deals, and I'm sad you were discouraged from doing so.

[Edit: For example,]


Deals has been very boring for me this week. I miss the humorous dialogue in ATC. I have been hanging out over at Everything But Woot playing word games.

I have no active deals posted right now, have expired all my old ones. I continued to vote (sparingly) on questions and comments. I stopped voting on deals for the most part a couple of weeks ago. Got tired of the popularity contest. My rep is going up. I don't get it.

I like being a part of this community. I hope things settle out soon, and we get some FUN back.


I'd really like to hear from some staff other than @ThunderThighs. She's been great but we need some real staff commentary on what is happening.

I'M NOT REAL STAFF!!!!! Why wasn't I told? Wahhhhhhhh.


I was wondering when TT would notice that.


@pitamuffin: The bold text two lines down squirrel!!! distracted me.


@thunderthighs: I see how that sounded. I didn't mean it that way. Sorry you took it wrong :D. I meant ur the only one we ever really hear from. @gatzby occasionally pops in and @pemberducky comes over to insult us from time to time. We realize your job and business as a whole has changed in recent years but the staff connection has kinda dropped off a bit.

@pemberducky: yes, it would be nice of you to throw us a bone from time to time.

@gatzby: thanks for the update on the questions and for working to fix it. Glad to hear the FAQ is still under construction.


I'm about ready to give up. Today (Saturday) D.W. eliminated a question that @ohcher had asked about an improper deal on vibrators. I did a follow-up question asking why her question was eliminated. Mine too. was wiped out, almost immediately (as I'm sure that this comment will be).

This is not fun anymore.


@barnabee: I didn't see the question but it's possible that the problem referenced was resolved and the question was no longer relevant. Deleting such questions where the issue has been resolved is nothing new. I've done it myself many times to reduce clutter.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for taking the time to give an answer. A lot of the frustration we are experiencing, besides trying to get used to these new rules, (I'll save hating on them for later, if I ever figure out a way to post it), is that we ask questions and no one will give us answers. Oh, we might get some kind of "we're working on it", or some kind of smart aleck remark (I'm thinking of another work other than "aleck"), but we are not getting very many real answers.

You are the only one who takes the time to actually talk to us and we really appreciate it.

edit: Interaction between staff and wooters has always been important here. I know we sometimes act like spoiled brats, but we really do want this to be a viable site.


@barnabee: well, that's because we don't have any answers yet. For now, I'd say operate as normal. If anything, note that the original intent of AtC was questions about shopping and the like. Personally, I'd like to see the celebrity obituary postings end. They were getting really depressing and somedays AtC looked like an obituary column in your local news.

I'd like to see AtC's structure changed so it's easier to create and maintain a topical thread. Right now, the threads move around so much based on votes and other magical things that I don't understand. It's hard to go back to a thread to continue a conversation unless you're subscribed to it.

But for now, we have to make do with what we have.


@thunderthighs: I definitely agree about the dead celebrities threads. They get on my nerves. Is it prudent to ban certain types of questions (without the overall ban on non deals)? Or would better structure that relyed on popularity and votes fix it? Idk. I like the idea though. It's nice to hear your thoughts, thanks TT


@thunderthighs: the annoying questions were getting asked because DW required question asking as a factor in member rankings. That is 100% the fault of TPTB.


@kamikazeken: I don't see how asking questions and posting numerous celebrity obituaries are connected. But regardless, I think questions noted as 'chat' added little to your rep anyway. At least that's how it uses to be many updates ago.

I do agree that the question part of rep was a FAIL in may respects.