questionshave you applied the latest battlefield 3 client…


Just an initial comment, the patch is 485mb or so, and it installed pretty quickly for me.

So far, I see improvements in the graphical issues that I was having on my computer, namely popping textures and flashing when I adjusted graphics options. More info to come once I've tested it more thoroughly.


I installed it this AM from work via RDP. I wish that I could test it out, but I'm certain that RDP + BF3 + Corp T1 != good gaming experience.


Looks like they fixed squad joining. Man, that was a real pain. Now that they have the Comm Center and Party joining bugs mostly sorted out, you can actually get into a game together, only to end up on different squads with no way to link up. The patch claims to resolve this, allowing you to join any squad you want by just clicking on it, provided it's not full. This was a huge failing for a game claiming:

“Playing with friends has never been this easy”
- Fredrik Loving, Battlelog Producer