questionswhat's with this laalo site. there's no way to…


If you click on "Start Here" it will give you a pop-up window to create an account. If you have your browser set to stop all pop-up windows ...


@adadavis: Also look into your browser extentions, if you're on Firefox. I have a couple that blacklist anything even remotely spammy/ not on a whitelist. Sometimes this will block form entries from even showing up, especially if it's flash based. If that prompt opens above the page instead of in a new one, try a different browser.


If you think it's junk, why do you want to sign up for it?


it may have something to do with IE compatability. You can't see what information has to be filled in the three lines.


@kracer1: I tried it in IE and got the same thing : three unlabeled boxes. Try it in Firefox or Chrome, and it should be okay. Or try filling in the boxes in IE by guesswork! ... (Okay, they are actually labeled : "Create Username" "Email" and "Create Password") - but that gets you a CAPTCHA screen. Unless you are psychic, that one will be a bit harder to guess. It came up okay when I tried it in IE, so it might work for you without changing browsers.