questionswhat actor/actress would you love to see…


I usually just avoid the movies they're in... except friggen Liam Neeson who's in everything. Seriously, do they just fly him from set to set so he can use his embarassingly bad American accent?

It was like Tom Sizemore being in every military movie made from 1997 - 2003


I agree with Tom Cruise and would like to add Sam Worthington. I don't get his appeal. He has a generic look and his acting is completely unmemorable.


@ryanwb: Have you seen his current "works in progress?" The guy has literally 20 movies in the next couple years!


Matthew McConaughey has also jumped the shark for me.
He was fantastic in Dazed and Confused, though


I'd be okay with never seeing Adam Sandler in a movie again.


Oprah - she counts as an actress...


Why would I want those performers to disappear? Obviously they're entertaining lots of people or they wouldn't keep getting work. Someone keeps paying to see Adam Sandler, so as long as he can keep getting people to pay to see him, I say more power to him. I'll spend my money elsewhere and continue to ignore him and all the others that don't interest me.


Jack Black. I've never liked him (not even in Tropic Thunder), and I doubt I ever will. He's a fine musician, but that's not relevant to this question. No, School of Rock doesn't count.


@elforman: Perhaps because there are a lot of movies that I think would be great if not for the actor/actress chosen for the lead role. Or I'm sick of their politics/religion being plastered all over everything (you are paid to ENTERTAIN, not share your personal beliefs). The question isn't about whether other people enjoy them or not. It was about who YOU think should go away.


The entire cast of the Twilight movies. But if I had to choose only one of them, it'd have to be Kristen Stewart. The girl just can't act.


Greg Kinnear

Jack Black - When he sings

Jennifer Aniston


Minka Kelly. There is a difference between "wood" and "wooden". According to wiki, it looks like she has a long list of pink slips.


@purplefeather: This was exact thought, and I was pretty sure someone else thought the same way. Thank you!


@lumpthar: has there ever been a movie where that man kept his shirt on?


@lavikinga: He has been doing some good acting in his past few films portraying very different types of characters--most of which he has performed wearing many different shirts.


There are a bunch that could go away in my book — Demi Moore and her three children, Cameron Diaz (she can't freakin act), the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan, Sarah Jessica Parker (she's not attractive at all), Twilight actors (too much bad drama both on and off screen), Susan Sarandon and her creepy boytoy, Sean Penn (needs to move to Venezuela and actually live under Chavez), all of the Baldwin brothers, Miranda Kerr (no one really needs your opinions on child-birth and child rearing you've been at it for all of 2 years), Gwyneth Paltrow (no one wants to read your tips on parenting and housekeeping either; we don't have nannies and housekeepers to do our bidding). I guess that's it for today...