questionsany recommendations for vegetarian or vegan jerky?


A Korean coworker brings dried sweet potato to work. Not quite as chewy as jerky, but good nonetheless.
You might find it at Asian market, or try a food dryer perhaps?


@notanaardvark: I might try that. But seems like it will have a shorter shelf life. Than what I was looking for originally.

I get stuck at work for hours some days and get kinda hungry >.> lol. So was hoping for something that would keep for little bit if possible.

Was thinking about this one. But the Sweet potato sounds good so I'll give that a try as well. Though could just be because I'm hungry. lol


Are you against meat-flavored items? I have met some vegan/vegetarians who think it is a "cheat" to eat meat-flavored items and ask every vegan I meet.

I have only tried Tasty Eats Soy Jerky product line. I think I had some spicy chicken flavor and teriyaki. Both were pretty good. One of them left a kind of slick film "aftertaste" though, which I believe is a byproduct of the flavoring. It wasn't gross, just a little weird, but went away after a while.


If you are interested in the sweet potato, this is the idea:
That Vegan Dream kind of looks like Nori. Probably worth a try.


@curtisuxor: Eh kinda a grey area. That's honestly the main reason I stopped eating meat. Kinda hated the flavor of most of it. Particularly US beef. As for asking every vegan you meet. Well I'm a vegetarian completely different worlds lol. I eat eggs, milk, honey, etc.. =P

Vegans I so don't get but to each his own. I'll take their share of bee poop! lol.

@notanaardvark thanks for the link! and yeah it does look a bit like Nori. I just hope it doesn't taste like it. XD So not my cup of tea.


I was going to suggest Primal Strips, but someone beat me to it. :) I just bought some for a vegetarian friend, but haven't tried them myself.

Another option is a protein bar. I keep Lara bars in my purse, or the Luna protein bars, for when one of my kids or I get hungry. The Lara bars get mushed in my purse periodically, but they still taste good.


Tofurky makes a jerky and it's yummy!


Not exactly jerky, but vegetarian, good protein, and "shelf stable" stuff that tastes good:

Sandwich Petals:

Caveman cookies:


Ooh, yes, Primal Strips. I especially like the peanut flavor.