questionshave you heard jcpenny is planning to eliminate…


Yes, it is called "Going out of business".


seems to be the direction their CEO is driving the company...

if they do go under, i really hope someone buys the location @ my local mall in a hurry. shuttering that space would litterally cut the mall in half. you HAVE to go through Penny's to get from one end of the mall to the other(without going outside)


@earlyre: In 2011 we shopped Penny's more than any other store for clothing. In 2012 I think we have gone there twice. If I was a stockholder I would be pretty upset....


Their only hope is to be able to make it through their redesign. Right now it feels like a bargain store with no true sense of order. Folks with lower incomes may like it but honestly they do not spend enough or as often to keep a place in business. I have liked their overall ideas but the execution at the store level just isn't there.


If they go under I'm blaming the unions, not the CEO! If only the employees worked for less than minimum wage.


I stopped in there a couple of weeks ago to get one of their holiday buttons and ended up winning $10. So I went back, found something I wanted to buy and could not find a register. I was in the mens department and had to walk out to the center of the store near the mall entrance to find the register. And I only saw 2 employees while I was there. One at the fragrance counter and the one at the register where I checked out. It's a retail store, how do they think putting in grocery store check outs are going to help them. They still have to pay people to straighten up the shelves and watch for theft. I can't imagine the cost of putting in those systems.


They eliminated the entire store where I live. The nearest B&M store is now 3 1/2 hrs one way.


The idiot CEO is enamored of the Apple Store concept of all the wonky technophiles wandering around and then checking themselves out with the latest toy. Evidently he's unfamiliar with the fact that JCP and Apple are stocked with somewhat different merchandise and attract somewhat different customers.

I miss the old Penneys; haven't shopped there since they gave up catalogs and changed the stores.


When they decided to eliminate "sales" on a regular basis, and just reduce the regular price of most merchandise, they shot themselves in the foot. While there are some good deals in the store, a lot of the things only dropped in price by 10% or less, when they used to go on sale for, say, 25-50% off. Not much of a deal there. And lately, they've been sending out store coupons via email again, which they said last spring they weren't going to do anymore. Guess they were somewhat desperate to increase holiday sales. It's worked out for me lately, I actually shopped there this week thanks to the 20% off coupon.


My local Ikea had self-checkouts for a few months. It didn't work.

Apparently, they didn't think folks would be so brave to walk out with mattresses and sofas without paying, but they were proven wrong! And if a retail store WITH employees couldn't handle that, imagine a retail store without employees!