questionswhat has been your experience with donating hair…


At first I thought they would be appreciative, but really they just get really angry at you and call you names when you donate merkins.


I donated a 22 inch pony tail several years ago to Locks of Love. I received a very nice Thank You card from them. According to a friend of mine who is close to that charity, they can also use monetary donations to pay to have the wigs made.


@woadwarrior: Mine is currently that long, which is why it has to go haha...


@grimskull89: you've got my curiousity up. i had a coworker that use to donate a 18 inch pony tail every year. (it grew thick and fast). all she ever said was great things about locks of love. has what you're talking of been personal, or thru a friend of a friend of a friend? not asking any details of what happened/was said.


I wish I had enough hair to donate. :(

No experience here, but I've only heard good things about Locks of Love.


I was surprised that they began the measurement of the pony tail at the lower part of the neck instead of mid-skull, even for unlayered hair. The tail has to be 10 inches long beginning at the lower part of the neck and even longer if the hair has some curl to it. Sadly, my son's hair couldn't be donated because the tail, measured that way, was too short. He had beautiful wavy, naturally bright blond hair that would have made a fantastic hairpiece. sigh


@moosezilla: Well nothing I know of that is first hand knowledge, but I had a customer tell me once that Locks of Love sells some of the wigs, and the price is based on the person's finances. I have nothing to back that up other than what that customer said once, hence the me looking for alternatives.

Having said that, I'm still considering Locks of Love.

Still plan on doing some research of my own, this is somewhat of a step towards that.


I've donated three times to Wigs For Kids and am currently working on my 4th. I am comfortable with their business practices and their policies. They have a special program with salons (that may or may not be near you [view their salon locator]), where you can receive a discounted or a completely free haircut with your donation. The salons take care of the packaging and send the donation for you.

Another organization that I have only heard positive things about is Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. You will have to package and send it yourself, however.

As I usually suggest, research each company's practices and see if you are comfortable with them before sending your donation. Good luck, thanks, and as a fellow male who grows their hair out to donate, I understand how uncomfortable it can get.


I had a positive experience with locks of love, but I have no idea about their charges in the distribution process. Since their goal is to provide wigs to children with cancer, I would prefer they distribute free, and yet, I know it is not a cheap process even if my hair is free.

Were they to charge a sliding rate based on ability to pay, I would be okay with that--every wealthy family that actually pays money for one will aid in the processing and distribution of the wigs to the children who would be unable to afford a wig without Locks of Love.


Here is the Charity Navigator page on Locks of Love. The very minor research I've done indicates they do charge a sliding scale (their FAQ indicates it may also be free) based on ability to pay - this is a common practice from what I understand in these types of things.

One thing I have seen is that people are unaware that there are other children aside from cancer patients that are in need of the wigs, so sometimes they feel misled by that. It still sounds as though there may be some questions around how much of the hair is actually used, but I have no basis for that except for a post on the comments from this blog from 2006.


I used to be a hippy looking guy and I did cut mine off and donate it to Locks of Love. I got a lovely email because I declined the card. I think it's a great thing to do.

On side note I'm going to start a cherity dedicated to preserving the beauty of Scotland's Lochs called Lochs of Love.


I have donated my hair three times to Locks of Love. It takes me a little under 2 years to grow out my hair. They have a partnership with certain salons to give free haircuts to those that donate. I usually go to Ulta salons but it really depends on the location so call ahead and check with the salon before you make an appointment. At the salon they measure your hair from where you want to cut it to the longest point and that part to be at least 12 inches long. They do take hair that's been dyed or layered. If not locks of love, there are other organizations that take donated hair.

Good luck!


My niece does it once a year. She grows it all year and gets it cut
Off every November. Locks for Love