questionsif i liked fallout 3 and fallout vegas, will i…


It's a completely different game. Borderlands is a FPS with Diablo like loot generation and leveling. That being said, Borderlands is an awesome game that I recommend.


OK, I preferred to use the FPS style of combat on fallout, instead of the optional turn-based system you have the option of using. Sounds like borderlands is much more FPS than fallout was/is then?


Quite possibly. Borderlands is more of a shooter than the Fallout games are, but there is leveling and certain perks you can obtain at each level. It's a lot more action packed than Fallout, but there's not as much character interaction and you don't really get to make choices that affect other people's lives like in the Fallout games. All that being said, I really loved it and would recommend it in a heartbeat.


I've never played Fallout but I really enjoyed Borderlands.

Its first person shooter'ish.

Its not a pure FPS because the focus isn't on just killing as many bad guys as possible. Sometimes it is best to avoid or postpone a fight.


Borderlands has almost no story line to speak of. There are quite a few funny moments throughout the game. As previously said, character interaction is minimal. The guise of the game is collecting the best equipment for your character. You can't collect or make anything from random pieces like in Fallout, and there is no motivation to free roam because there is nothing in the game world to do but complete the missions. It's different than Fallout, but I think most fans would really enjoy it. For the price, it's a must have. The DLC has a much more meaty storylines and are very entertaining (except for Moxxi's underdome, avoid that). It would be hard to go wrong with Borderlands.