questionswhy do you think so many commercials use…


Just a guess but could it be because those are established voice talents? Maybe it's not because of their name as much as it is their nice voice for the part.

There are many celebrities that have distinct and good voices. I'd much rather watch a documentary with Morgan Freeman narrating than one of the voices from those people in our local car dealership commercials.


Because celebrities sell. Companies don't seem to be able to rely on the quality of their products anymore. People are, for whatever reason, nearly obsessed with celebrities. If a celeb uses something, it must be good.

This is great for companies because it requires no more effort than writing a check. They can have a terrible commercial or even a mediocre product, but they know if Samuel L Jackson or someone endorses it, they're going to make bank. It's essentially effortless advertising.


A lot of advertising is subliminal. If you hear the voice of an actor you like advertising a product, you have a little bit of positive feeling for that product. When you see that product, that little boost colors your thoughts about the product. It's not going to sell you on a product that isn't right for you, but it may cause you to think about a product you hadn't been considering, and it could be a tie-breaker in a close comparison. This is particularly true if it is the voice of someone you trust in their other roles, as people once trusted newscasters and thought of them as intelligent and exceptionally well-informed. That concept of association is one of the foundations of advertising, from the Coke bottle's womanly figure to car commercials with scantily clad models draped all over the car. Our conscious minds may be sharp, but our subconscious is vulnerable to all kinds of suggestion, association probably being the strongest. Pattern recognition is a survival trait.


Because Jim Halpert would never steer me wrong.
Time to go buy insurance.


I can tune out unfamiliar voices more easily. If I hear a familiar voice, I'm more likely to pay attention.

Does that mean I'd base my purchase decision on a celebrity endorsement? No way. But I heard their ad, and that's a big part of the battle.


because people tend to trust people they feel they KNOW.


Some of them just have great voices too. I love hearing a Sam Elliott Ford commercial or a Kiefer Sutherland for Bank of America.