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Thanks. At least this gave me a fair shot at it this time.

Still, it's hard to believe they are giving out one here and there. What happened to the days when they sent out 5,000 and sold out in 30 seconds?


As always we recommend reading the terms and conditions and wish you all good luck.


@inkycatz: Thanks, in my haste to post this I forgot that essential part!! You rock!


And just because....

::Angry comment about how much you hate the individualized drawing system during this event::


::Still sends email and sits next to computer hoping to be the winning entry::



I can remember when a box of crap was impossible to get
which in my case is still an everyday occurrence. but now there are so many of them being given away everyday it doesn't seem worth
the chase anymore


@mkentosh: I hear ya! I've only ever got 1 BOC in the past, which was actually during the first bring back of the multiple offerings throughout the day that I had suggested to @agingdragqueen. Unfortunately my initial BOC only had two items, my replacement only had two items and I eventually gave up. Got an email several weeks ago about a replacement still in the works but I haven't seen anything yet. Elusive indeed.


@studerc: Your lengthy replies to ADQ and my response disappeared. What would you call it?


@jsimsace: :) Just to let you know...we are currently on the POC 5 rant, is on the POC 6 thread. Yea... :)


I just realized that and was going to reply back....I took a shower and when I came back I apparently went to the wrong thread. :::facepalm:::


@jsimsace: It's all good. The rant shall endure the test of time!