questionscan i take a moment to thank @erinaine?


Talk about delayed gratification! I'm so glad you liked. I had a lot of fun putting it together! Enjoy the crap.

BTW, the radar detector is not working but I'm pretty sure it just needs a fuse. And those animal stickers have glow-in-the-dark bones!


@erinaine: So are you gonna join in on this one, now that your crapee has officially thanked you. Let's not forget this little gem from a couple months back...

"I was down with the idea, too, but right now I'm feeling a little sore that my crappee, who is in Brazil, never even acknowledged receipt of my crap at his parents house, where it arrived on 9/21. That just seems kind of rude to me. So I'm not so psyched about it, now. It was more about the fun of the giving for me, which has turned out to be no fun at all."


We can always use some more wootizens to join :)


@studerc: I will admit I was butt-hurt at no acknowledgment at that time. I had no way of even confirming it had gotten there. That doesn't change my pleasure at @dmaz's appreciation, now. Was I wrong to be honest about how I felt? I think most of us did this for the fun of giving.

I am going to sit out this time, but am interested in joining in again in the future.


@erinaine: Fair enough, just noticed your name wasn't down on my list and wanted to make sure to extend an opportunity to join :). If I were to fathom a guess, the next one will likely be around March/April. See you then!


@erinaine: I'm really sorry I didn't at least message you notice of receipt...I think the first time I mentioned it was a few weeks back when I posted about my mound of boxes. I got sloppy with a lot of things as the wedding approached, so I do apologize for taking so long. It was a blast opening it after having to wait. Also, the note and card you included was so amazing for me; I felt very valued :)

I promise to do better by way of communicado in this next one though, to whomever might be my partner. @studerc: I'll be sending my email of confirmation momentarily for the Christmas one :)


@dmaz: Got your email sir, you have been added. Up to 65 now! aaand boom goes the dynamite.


@dmaz: no worries whatsoever. I'm stupid sensitive. And congratulations on being wedded!



I look at that incredible haul of carp and, once again, feel that I short-changed @baybei in the BOC I sent to her. I definitely have to step up my game this time around!


No worries @belyndag, I loved my BOC! We are passing the overalls along as a gag type gift, lol! He should really appreciate the humor behind it!

@dmaz, Nice haul by the way!!

And, I of course enjoyed sending you a little BOC in Brazil. I like to pass my 'crap' along as much as possible! LOL!


@baybei: Gag gift? I have to confess that I have actually WORN those things!

P.S. That's me with DD. We were helping DH paint the bottom of the boat we're restoring. The coveralls are flattering, ain't they?


@belyndag: I love it! I thinks it's a gag gift that will be put to use! I personally couldn't come up with a use for them, as I tend to be the type to paint in my clothes and ruin them (I find joy in that for some reason, lol!). I almost made a Halloween costume of some sort out of them, but I was too lazy. Oh well.


Hey, @dmaz.

I drew you for one of my two BOC this go around and I have the address here in the states.

However, I'm wondering if you'll be here or in Brasil? Would it be better to send to Brasil? (I may totally regret this offer if it costs an arm and a leg to send it there... no idea how much more it will be.)