questionswhy the leaderboard icon on my member page is…


Pretend black triangles get their black triangles at 90. The real one's get theirs at 98.5. Of course I'm just kidding but that wont stop me from trying to maintain a 98.5%.
Welcome to the club! Keep up the great work!

(I think the real explanation is you used to have to have 98.5% to be a black triangle but they bumped it down to 90% on deals.woot. Regular woot still holds onto the old ranking system)

It also takes a few days sometimes to change the icons on the main woot page too. Try checking back in a day or two and log out and log back in. That might help.


I was just going to say that mine match up, which doesn't really answer the question. Thanks, @cowboydann for being more helpful.

And, also welcome. Be ready to give up all your free time to maintain it :)


@okham: Yes. I can see how it can become an obsession. Thanks for the answers
[BTW does commenting on answers to questions I made helps with the ranking? ;o)]


@n0wh3r3man: I hope so, or I've wasted a lot of useful time responding ;)


The old tried-and-true method of logging out and back in solves this problem a lot of times.



You beat me to it by three hours.


Do what @jsimsace has suggested. It will either fix your problem or it will fix your problem; there is also a small chance it won't fix your problem, but that is unlikely.



I've heard (well, read) that, except that my triangle is black on all woot sites (with a 94ish rep at the moment) so I don't buy it.


And don't listen to @okham... it really doesn't take all that much work to maintain a black triangle. (Some people will argue, but my rep remains a solid 94+% with no deals or questions since January 19.)