questionsa woot story


not much of a story, but I like when my kids come by while I am looking at Woot and say "Anything good on Woot today, Daddy?"


my 7yr old daughter loves her "the liederkranz is a lie" shirt. When she wears it to school, kids who know about portal always talk to her about the shirt. She's also got the venn diagram shirt of black bear/polar bear/panda bear that I got in my one and only bag o craziness.


The money I've spent on woot shirts could have been used to feed a starving child for 5 years 184 that's super depressing why'd I figure that out.


@gideonfrost: I wonder how many years @narfcake can feed a hungry child with his collection


My daughter loves when she comes to the computer and it's on the page because she either gets to fling monkeys or drive a BOC slinging Snail :)


I've gotten a few compliments from random strangers on some of my woot shirts. I can only think of one time I recognized a woot shirt on somebody else, but we had a nice conversation when it did happen.


I was visiting my cousin whom I hadn't seen in ages, and we started talking about websites. He said he knew of this place called Woot that had great deals and really funny copy. I told him that I was one of the writers and his jaw actually dropped. That was kinda cool.


@slydon: I think that's my favorite Woot story!


When I first started working here- for CS, my mom got addicted. She still loves the shirts but stopped commenting so much after not getting any QPs. Anyway- she started emailing in with suggestions to the point where my coworkers were cracking up yelling over the cubes, ANOTHER FROM MRS. TYE!

I lamented enough on Twitter, diligently using @woot so of course the people monitoring Twitter at the time saw. That's how I met @slydon, he emailed me one day and said that they'd been laughing at my tweets, and he wrote this write up for my mom:


Woot, more than a cheap shopping site, it brings people together.