questionswould you still be a wooter if it wasn't for…


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Great question, and my answer is absolutely not. I get a lot more out of deals.woot than woot, it is like comparing ice cream to ice milk.... one is real good and the other is meh....


@tarasadies: You beat me to it. Absolutely not. Woot proper has dissolved into too many different things.


Of course. I spend a good bit of my free time browsing the woot website; deals.woot is fun and all but there are other worlds than these.


Absolutely. There's a lot of Woot threads I look at daily.


Depends on your definition of a wooter.

I was never much of a participant over on the main woot sites and still am not. Over here on deals.woot and AtC, I always felt more at home and participated more.

But I'd probably still be checking the various woot sites at least once a day regardless.


Probably. I lurked around on woot for a couple of years before I ever even joined and made my first purchase. That then led me to be able to actively participate on deals, which made my addiction even greater. But if deals went away I would probably still check the woot proper sites regularly to see if there was anything I wanted to buy.


Deals.woot! is the first place I check. the main woot! pages take a back page to 5-6 other sites now. I used to go to woot!'s main page everyday, first thing, but since all the changes, I don't even bother anymore. I'll get to it when I get to it.


Definitely not. I'd probably check in once a week to see what refurbished electronics were on sale.

The Deals.Woot side is more than the glue that keeps us together. It's like the crack cocaine that gives us junkies our fix. It also keeps us in the ghetto so we don't think there is anything better out there.
I guess that would make the staff the pimps and pushers. How do you like that analogy @thunderthighs and @inkycatz?


I come and go a lot lately, took a 2 week break from everything woot in general. Might have made a few posts here. I don't know what keeps me coming back, it's definitely the people more than the site though. It also helps that @ThunderThighs has been paying 100 dollars a month to help fill her nightly Quality Post Quota.

Actually, That's probably why I keep coming back. It's for the Benjamin. TT's sweet sweet benjamin. I started posting again a couple nights ago on the main woot boards so maybe you guys will see a little bit more of me around here too. Who knows. That might be good or bad news depending on who you are.

Anyways, That's all I have to say about that.


Do you mean, how much wooting would a wooter woot woot, if a wooter couldn't woot Deal-woots? If so, my answer would be not very much.


I'm with many of the others, I know I wouldn't be on her as much maybe once a day.
But deals.woot keeps me coming back many times a day


I would probably still follow the sales, but I wouldn't be an active participant without DW. I occasionally post to the forums on the regular sites, but I find more to interest me over here. (I REALLY need to cut back, but how? HOW?!)


Most likely not. I've purchased offers from wine.woot, Honestly can't remember when I bought anything from the other woot sites. I think most are mediocre deals at best.

Still some good buys on deals - those listed by members. The sponsored deals are...never mind.
:-X Then again, perhaps they always were.... :-X


I, for one, would still come back if there were no deals.woot. I come here for the questions and discussions, not for the deals. I don't think I've ever made a deals.woot purchase. But I have dozens of shirts, and lots of gadgets and kids stuff from the other sites. I don't think the posted deals are as good as they once were (pre-Amazon days). I get the occasional subway coupon or free donut certificate, but otherwise haven't seen much to catch my eye.


I would. I haven't bought a woot for awhile but I'm hoping that's just random timing, not the fact that the offerings are getting worse. I have a few coupons burning a hole in my pocket too...


I would, I'm pretty sure. But one thing that's changed for me is that I no longer know WTF Woot is. Used to be a single item, sometimes quirky as hell, & a T-shirt of the day. Prices were generally good & the people on staff & on the boards were funny, snarky & despite it all warm & kind. Now Woot is something else, lots of items (ovens to laptops to T-shirts of the day & T-shirts of the next theme they come up with), & the community seems as shape-shifting as the Woot site itself. I still enjoy the wacky folks I hang out with here, but things seem a little unfocused.

That's OK by me, but I don't find myself as excited about checking the site as I used to. And I really miss the old Bags of Crunchies at the Woot site during Woot-offs, the way the universe intended BoCs to be distributed.


Yes, but i wouldn't be as involved in the community without deals.woot and dwchat.


No,I bought a lot of things before all the changes,but now only on deals.


I haven't bought anything off of the main Woot sites since April (just checked). But, I find stuff I buy because of deals.woot fairly often.


Yes. I would still gladly buy from Woot! without Deals.Woot. I come here to buy stuff. The Deals side is nice because you see deals from places you wouldn't normally check.

The community here is about to drive me from Deals, and I'm not alone. So much negativity and ignorance. Someone makes a comment and then they get flamed for it just because it's not the what the masses believe.
Thought this was a place to get help and ask questions, not a forum.


I used to think that. Now I am all about the wine.woot.


Have to agree with the main consensus; Deals.Woot keeps me active.
I've been around since '05, but I can probably count on my two hands, might need a foot too, the number of times that I've posted something on the other side.
I check the deals on the main sites and answer the surveys, but other than that, my time is spent here.
I check deals at least a couple of times in the morning and a few times in the afternoon before I go home for the night.


Nope. Back when it was just woot, they had such great deals that you didn't dare wait too long to snap up an item for fear it would sell out (which happened regularly.) And woot offs were days of lost work and sleep because you just knew if you left your computer for 5 minutes you would miss an amazing deal or worse, the BOC.

Now its not uncommon to find the same item at the equal or lower prices at multiple sites. Even when woot has the best deal, its usually not by so much that I worry about overpaying if I don't take advantage of the woot deal.

The urgency that made woot so fun is completely lost.

Deals is the site that keeps me coming back.


I'd click through the tabs to see what's for sale in the morning like I do now. So, I guess the answer is yes, if that's what you mean by "Wooter".


Probably, but I would be considerably less active. I check my daily deals sites every so often, woot multiple times a day. If not for deals, woot would probably fall in with the rest


Yes. I care about the woot employees. Those poor, poor dears... If I don't buy stuff from woot, who will?

Cue slow motion footage of sad woot workers with depressing music in background:
"For as little as 1 dollar a day, you can put food on this woot employee's table..."

It's just too bad I can't write it off on my taxes as a charitable donation.


I was all about the shirt.Woot for a time (still am, I guess), but since it's all but dead over there, I am here more lately.
Deals is a much more lively place, for now.
Would I still be a Wooter? Define "Wooter".
a: shop at Woot then run away
b: shop at Woot then stay and chat a while?

a: probably
b: probably not.

j5 j5

I only joined woot! because of deals.woot, everything else is just a bonus.


Prob not. I originally joined woot for shirt.woot but don't really visit any of the other sites much anymore, though I have at least got back to checking the items each day. Don't really buy anything except hoodies, though (and now I have too many).


@j5: Looks like your yes and no answers weren't liked.

I upvoted just to go against the grain. I am all for wishy washiness. Makes me being a planner easier, because I get to make all the decisions. hehehe.


I actually found deals.woot before I found woot. So I probably wouldn't have been a wooter at all if it hadn't been for deals.


@pyxientx: yeah, the OP should have done that I guess. Ah well.

Are we allowed to make fake polls this way?

j5 j5

Nope. My comment getting deleted last night was the last straw for me posting on woot products too.

Now I just play in ATC and vote on deals.

Really, I'm only even voting on deals to see if @shawnmiller's theory on my triangle color dropping dramatically 1 year after the last deal I added is true.

After that I'm just playing in ATC because you people entertain me.


Definitely. The only problem is that I've been around for awhile and I've yet to find a deal (that I'm interested in) that hasn't already been posted in some form or other.


Having been a member since 2004, obviously it was not Deals Wloot that made me a Wooter. However, Deals Woot has kept me engaged with the community ever since its inception. I well remember nights that I could hardly stay awake, but I did, just to log into Woot at 1AM EST to catch the innovative, cheap, unique deals they used to offer.