questionswhat is considered a good deal worth pushing up?


Your website was just recently created (9/10/13) and your site reg. contact phone is a cell number in Colorado Springs although your location is inTX according to your website contact info. Your prices are so much lower than the nearest high-volume retailer (Amazon, Macy's etc.) that they are suspect of being counterfeit. I would suggest making your website look a little more professional, and have clear indications both on your website and in your posts that the items you are selling are genuine branded merchandise and include actual brand logos with the wording 'Guaranteed Authentic Licensed'. I noticed that you DO have contact information (phone, address) on your website, so that is a plus. Also, try to refrain from posting too many deals at one time. Only the newest deal will be seen on the front page anyway, the rest are hidden until a user clicks on the 'show more' link. One or two deals a day will not get you flagged as easily as someone who posts their entire inventory.


@zippy the pinhead:

Thank you! I completely appreciate you responding with this information. I will correct immediately.

All our watches are actually 100% Genuine, we purchased directly from the manufacturer. Since Converse has retired it's entire watch lines, we purchased the entire inventory at great prices and have priced them move. Didn't realize that would be a turn off but can completely appreciate how someone could think that.

If you live in the US, would you allow me to say thank you with a free watch of your choosing? Please visit our site and email me the watch you like with where you want it sent and I'll have it shipped tomorrow. My email address is

Thank you again and with appreciation,



@awatchoutlet: Watch out (no pun intended), you may have a lot of people claiming to be @zippy the pinhead.


@barnabee: LOL thanks I will have to devise a way to verify myself.......


@barnabee: Thanks for spoiling it for everyone! ;) I was actually thinking the same thing.


@jsimsace: @garnabee Okay, I'm feeling like a rookie on the first day of spring training...thanks for the heads up.


@jsimsace: Were you thinking that others might impersonate zippy? Or were you going to claim the watch because your name just happens to be @zippy the pinhead?


Just spent a few minutes on your site. You have a lot a things I look for in a site. You have a nice product, shipping is nice and low and you have contact information. I know it is important to list that the watches are genuine but the way it is listed on the site just screams counterfeit which would turn off the average wooter. Also, having PayPal as a payment option would be a huge plus, wooters like to have that extra bit of protection. Sometimes wooters just vote down vendors. Are you looking at your click count? That should be a clear indication on whether people are checking you out. Good luck! We are a tough but lovable bunch.


It helps to be an active member of the community, too. Let us get to know you by participating in the comments, discussions and voting and we will be less likely to assume the worst about you. Good luck!


@awatchoutlet: If you buy an item from Woot or one of its other sites (deals.woot doesn't count) you then qualify to up vote or down vote. Buy something cheap like maybe a watch? Just kidding. And I forgot to say, "Welcome to our little, um, quirky community!"


@barnabee: I am :::this close::: to being offended by that remark. Now please excuse me while I look for my halo wax.


@awatchoutlet: The comments made by @zippy the pinhead and by @conanthelibrarian, along with suggestions form other folks here, pretty much speak for me as well.

My first (and subsequent) impressions of your site suggested your merchandise is counterfeit. I actually checked all your posted deals against identical models offered elsewhere, and the steep discounts you offer just seemed really suspicious. We're a little sensitive to counterfeit and/or seriously shoddy knock-offs around here, since in the last few months we've been overrun with merchants offering crappy stuff and insisting it's all legit.

We (and, of course, the management) all want and need good, honest vendors who offer quality merchandise at exceptional prices.


@magic cave: You can strike the " management" from that statement. They have quite clearly demonstrated their disregard for the integrity of their client vendors over the past several weeks and their lack of concern for the community members.

Not that they don't NEED good, honest vendors. Or for that matter, that they NEED to be a good, honest vendor.


@awatchoutlet: Did I forget to mention that we don't hesitate around here to speak out about what is on our minds?


@durkzilla: I'm practicing termperate language today.


wow, this is outstanding feedback...thank you everyone. I would have never thought that the prices would be a factor, but completely understand.

Please know I appreciate everyones comments and insight. It's very helpful.

Immediately, I'm raising the prices 25%...actually just kidding, but how crazy would that be if that was the tipping point. I guess with the low prices and the free shipping really begs the question how can we do that. Honestly, we purchased over 5000+ units at a "great" deal and want to move them fast.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback!


@awatchoutlet: Since you purchased these from the manufacturer does this make you an authorized retailer? If so, you should say so. And if I call one of these manufacturers will they agree with you? I ask this because the warranty of a watch is very important.


@awatchoutlet: Higher prices won't necessarily make us buy from you, but is not a bad idea overall. However, if you are going to have prices that low and want customers to take you seriously, I would suggest letting your potential customers know that you got a great deal since Converse closed out the line. Or that they are last years models, overstocks, etc... That would go further than the bargain basement pricing and/or raising prices.

It is good that you took everyone's suggestions and applied them to your website. That is a great start along with posting the question in the first place.


@awatchoutlet: @pyxientx made an excellent point about adding a little text to your deals posted here (a single sentence would do the trick) about why your prices are so great.