questionsif you had diplomatic immunity, would you use it?


If i had diplomactic immunity i would have a bumper sticker that said "speed limts are for suckers!"
Also i would conceal carry in every state and in all buildings. I might even be a real big jerk and talk in the theater... well maybe not the last one that might be taking it too far.


Keep in mind that if you do something really nasty* you can be prosecuted in the USA for breaking our laws once you come back.

*Like talking in a theater.


I would pretty much mess that perk up for everyone else after about a week.


I hope I would not abuse it, although you know what they say about power corrupting. But I would use it if I did misbehave. For example, I wouldn't speed just because I have diplomatic immunity. I already speed. If I had diplomatic immunity I'd use it to get out of the tickets.


I think I would opt to sit in prison or settle the lawsuit.


What do you mean, "if"? :D

Never paid a parking ticket in my life.


I'd like to think that I'm not the type of person who would go out of my way to do something against the law just because I knew I could get away with it.

I agree, I tend to speed anyway, I have a lead foot it appears, I've been trying to control it (I hate getting pulled over!), but I could see me getting caught for it somewhere else. I'd probably still feel so bad about it, tha I would pay a fine, but I don't think I'd like to sit in jail for it.

As for anything more serious, I wouldn't WANT to do it (you know, kill someone, or seriously hurt someone), I have a serious complex with stuff like that! I feel bad when I accidently hurt someone!


You can't do anything too egridgous. The host nation can always declare you Persona Non Grata (getting PNGed) and you have to get on the first plane out of dodge. Having that happen usually isn't very good for your career. Or, in some cases, your health if you made a real buffoon of yourself.


I would change my license plate to say, "honorary ambassador".


Heck Yeah! Why else go to school and suck up for that many years. I'd be the biggest pain-in-the-backside. And I'd love every second of it :-)
On a side note I wanted to be a diplomat as a child. Then I saw how frequently they get killed :-( It's a much more dangerous job than we realize.


Yeah, but only for the west nile virus.....


This is kind of unrelated, but funny. My sister and her husband work for the state department and my sister is in the foreign service. My niece has a diplomatic passport and has been to more countries than pretty much everyone I know except for my sister. Shes 2 years old.


I'd be the world's most profitable heroin mule.


No, because I wouldn't feel right about it. I was raised to obey the laws or suffer the consequences.


It is like having a free parking pass!