questionsdo you think tattoos will become passé?


I think they already are.

If I see a cute person and then discover she has a tattoo, I then shake my head and stop looking. I do the same thing if she's smoking or has excessive piercings (lips, nose, or eyebrows).

If it's a small tattoo in a location not visible then I really don't mind.


I think it's like eeverything else. It comes and goes with each generation. It'll die off for a few years, then come right back in around 20 years..


No. I have one on my wrist, quite visible. I've gotten all manner of responses about it--I only got it 1.5 years ago--and they make me chuckle. To me, it's entirely superficial in every sense of the word. Yet folks tend to think of it as almost shocking on me. If it makes them think I'm someone different than they expected or thought they knew, that's an added bonus.


@cengland0: excessive piercings to me is (lips, nose, and eyebrows). AND not OR
But yes I agree with you on the tattoos.

The trap stamp example.
In the beginning Oh wow look at that tattoo!
A few years later she has a tram stamp, she has a tramp stamp.
A few years after that just another tramp stamp, so?


They may not be so trendy, however I think they will also become more socially acceptable. I could see businesses not caring if tattoos are visible within 20 years.


Pretty soon they'll be so common that the counter-culture rebels will go tattoo-free to be different.


I think tattoo designs themselves go through phases. I remember when the "SOBE Gecko" was a really popular one 10 years ago and every 18 year old girl would come back from spring break with one. I bet they regret that now! Who knows what the trend is now.


They have been around for centuries, so I doubt it. However, certain types may. For example, tribal when you are a part of no tribe.


i just can't help but wonder what the kids will think when 40 years from now they are visiting mom and dad in the nursing home and notice that all the oldies are sporting what use to be a trendy, colorful tat in a discreet place that is now stretched and faded and unrecognizable. or the invading archeologist will think when unburying our nursing homes and find "different colored people all locked away from the rest of their civilazation"--("did they know something and banish these people")?


Neck tattoos and tramp stamps will always be here, proudly distinguishing the slightly more unsavory people from the rest.


I can't wait to see all these women with tramp stamps as grandmas.. all stretched out and flabby.

Oh they will rue the day.


@eraten: I totally agree. Tattoo designs themselves go through trends!

To me, your body and tattoos are a work or art, and it really does not matter what happens when you get older. All of mine tell stories of my life, and I can't wait to share those wrinkled stories when I'm old.

However I'm not one of those dumb kids that are totally sleeved by the time they are 20, with what ever tattoos are trendy at the time.


I am totally amazed by the tatto trend. I hate pain - hate getting my annual flu shot! When I was a child and even into adulthood, when one saw a tatoo on a guy, you just assumed he had been in the navy!! I do not recall tatoos on women. It has only been in the last 10 years or so that I have noticed so many, many of them - some quite artistic and beautiful. However, I simply think that it is not something that most professionals would want in a conspicuous place out in the corporate world. Of course, you all know I am an older, much older person.


When all these 20 something females reach their 60s and start looking like these guys who got their tats back in the 1950s and 60s all the doctors who help erase tattoos will make a killing.


We went to ride roller coasters for spring break and I was stunned at the number of kids with "Monster energy drink" tattoos


Hello! I got my first tattoo at 16, my last update was 6 months agao. I am now in my late forties; a straight woman with a very successful career. Has my skin changed since a was a mere child? yup, but guess what? It's mighty pretty skin that is changing and you cannot change that you age. Fight how you like, time wins in the end. It tattooing a phase? a trend? a fad? Does it matter? I didn't start because it was a trend, nor will I stop just because it has become more popular. If anyone wants to do something really edgy, try pearling, or bisecting a body part. That's edgy. good luck all!