questionsdid anyone else order from the cobb grill…


Thats not entirely unusual. A little late maybe, but some of the items may take a week or so to ship. It could also have already shipped, but no shipping notification. Check your account, it might have a tracking number with no email. Otherwise you can just ask and they can give you a status update.


@the18thtee84: Thanks, I'm going to follow up with service.woot, the account page is still showing "awaiting shipping". So far I've had really good luck with woot, usually my shipments are at my house within 5 days.


It might be shipping from the vendor in which case, they have to send us the tracking information for us to forward to you. With the weekend and holiday, things may be a bit slow to catch up.

Customer Service will have the low down on it though. Just give them time to respond since they had Monday off as well.