questionsdid you know j.j. abrams will direct star wars…


I was hoping for Whedon but I will certainiy take Abrams!


Oh, God no. Please, let this not be true. We will get too much random weirdness and even more huge plot holes than we had before. And lens flare.


I'm excited for Abrams, I loved Lost (even though the ending kinda sucked) and Fringe (which had a great ending).


@miyoshinum5: I loved the ending. But it was very existential. There's also a great quote:

"It is better to have loved Lost and lost than never to have loved Lost at all."


its twuuuuu, its twuuuuu

Can't wait to see the Autobots take out a Death Star....

Does this also mean Linkin Park will sing the theme song????


They already have leaked the opening shot from the movie:

Now if only they could add a little more lens flare...


Does anyone think with Disney owning this franchise now that they will do damage to it? It didn't seem to effect Marvel and the superhero movies.


@wilfbrim: Abrams set up the Lost story, but Lindelof is the one responsible for ruining it.

Fringe came out pretty well at the end of its run.


I'm meh on Lost and even less on Fringe but given how well he did Star Trek, I'm going to reserve judgment on Star Wars but count me as one of those who don't acknowledge the 3 prequels exist.


"May the Force live long and prosper!"



Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have a winner!