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My first thought is that it's a holiday weekend and maybe the company doesn't do a lot of weekend work normally.

If it were my purchase I'd give it till at least Tuesday or Wednesday, since it's no harder to request a refund then than it is now.

It's unlikely "the payment had been made" already. You're probably seeing the pending approval from your card issuer, which means the funds are being held back from your available balance. Merchants get the pending approval as soon as you place the order but most mail-order companies don't send the card company a notice that the transaction is official until they actually ship the merchandise, which is how you and I want them to do it, right?

I know nothing about this particular company, but I think you're over-reacting a bit. Holiday weekend, plus the company's customer service office may even be shut down due to terrible weather. At any rate, your card issuer will protect you from loss if you don't receive the merchandise,


Just a sort of non sequitur: I registered on a website yesterday and got the standard notice that they'd sent an email verification to me that I'd need to reply to in order to have commenting privileges.

These usually arrive instantly, yes? It hit my mailbox nine hours later.


They finally sent the card numbers yesterday evening. I've been told that I hold a grudge too often and to just let it go. lol

Happy I finally got it. Not likely to buy from them again though.