questionsbluetooth earpiece that plays audio from mp3…


Follow-up question (since I ran out of room):
Does anyone know of a cheap replacement for the Samsung WEP 870? It was one of the first deals I ever scored from deals.woot when I first joined way back when, and there’s no way I’m paying $90 (which is what some sites are selling the WEP 870 for right now) when I got it for less than $20 several years ago.


What you need is a headset that supports A2DP.

You are correct that not all of them support it. I believe has an affordable one that do support it and is stereo capable.


I have heard good things about the Plantronics M50.


@narfcake: That's exactly what I needed to know! Thanks!
@thefenst: Great tip! The Plantronics M50 is right in my price range.

Wooters (and Woot staff) continue to rock.


You'll hear good and bad about this here headset.

My two-cents is that I own multiple pairs, the battery life is good and they've all paired up easily with 2 Droids and my BT system in my car.

I've paid as little as $30 for a pair here on Woot ($25 + $5 shipping) and for the price they cannot be beat - ESPECIALLY since you're mostly a podcast listener. Same here. Podcasts & mostly talk radio on Sirius/XM through my Droid. I even think the sound quality is decent for music but I hardly ever listen to it and I'm no audiophile.

Alls I know is I'm happy with them and I recommend you keep an eye out for them to go on sale here again. Last time they were only $19.99 + $5.


I like the Bluetooth dongles that hang around your neck or clip to your clothes and you can plug any stereo headset into them. The singles contains the mike so they do both calls and media.

I have tried and junked ones by Sony, Meelectronics, and Samsung. Impossible controls, no battery, or no volume.

Recommend the Jabra Clipper and the Jabra Street. Try Amazon and Ebay.

Warning, you can't charge and listen at the same so I keep two and swap them out.


I had a few sets of the Motorola S10-HD, they worked fine, but were too tight for my noggin (wear a 7-7/8 - 8 pro fit hat), and too loose for my gf's. But they had great distance in my office, and fine sound for what I use them for.
I need music while I run on the trails, so I coughed up the money for some of these:
So far I've done a 13.1 in them w/o issue, and when I'm caught in a rain storm (or a heavy sweat run) I park 'em in a bag of rice for the night just to ensure they are dry. Also the oversized buttons are easy to hit while running or riding even with gloves.

But $80 is not in everyone's budget.