questionsam i the only one that hates it when you have to…


You are not alone in your irritation

But I think the reason for this is to block sites that compare prices...I think I heard that somewhere, if only from the voices in my head.


Nope. I hate it as well. I like it better if they've got a link you hover over or can click without doing all the add to cart, take out of cart, etc.


Sometimes I think Amazon does it, to try and get you to buy things by accident.


I think that there are laws that state you can't advertise a price lower than a certain wholesale percentage. I'm thinking possibly something about price matching but I honestly don't remember. Maybe it's just sometimes the deals really are too good to be advertised.


Very annoying! Will say that Amazon doesn't do it often, and when they do it's simple to remove from your cart. Other sites do not make it easy. Also, I like for shipping rates to be easy to find.


It's not (typically) laws, but agreements with the manufacturer. For example, many name-brand products won't let an authorized dealer advertise the product for below a certain cost. Stores get around this by not "advertising" it and telling you to just put it in your cart. In theory, this prevents price-comparing sites from doing their job. In practice, I'm not sure why they don't just add it to the cart themselves....


What's much more irritating to me are sites that make you register to find S&H charges.


I dislike it, but I understand it. As previously mentioned, on many products to be an Authorized Dealer, you have to abide by their Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP). If you break it, you lose your contract.

What I REALLY hate is having to open a gdamn account on a site to see what shipping is going to cost me.

(edit: someone beat me to my gripe while I was typing!)


@tsfisch: You are absolutely right. I used to work for an electronics company that would FREAK OUT if they found an authorized reseller advertising for a lower price than the manufacturer agreed to. I never got a good explanation other than the "slippery slope" we don't want the prices to fall too fast on our overpriced rebadged junk with a Japanese name and shoddy Thai guts.


i hate it too. but what's even worse is when they make you go all the way to the confirmation page (after entering in payment and shipping information) to see the price (it was i think amazon or newegg [i forget] that did this once with a TV, and it wasn't even that much cheaper than the retail price).


@dcpotts: Still a valid gripe. I have left sites because I had to enter everything (to include payment) to find out the shipping.


Drives me nuts too. Just tell me the price and the shipping. i shouldn't have to jump through hoops to find out the final cost. I've left many things unpurchased when the hoop jumping became to much even for me!


I don't mind that as much... however there are some that you have to proceed to checkout to see the price. I've seen this on you have to go to checkout, and start the process to know what your paying for!?!?!

I've never had the patients to go all the way through to just see the price. I guess it's like a product at a store you don't see the price on it, so you have to take it to the checkout counter to scan the barcode. Still EXTREMELY annoying.


@ OP, agreed... I don't mind so much the quick pop-up window that you can just dump and close when you check the price, but going through checkout to see it is absurd. I'd stop shopping instead.


@liquidblue1: Me too! I've done this several times. You would think marketing would realize what a pain in the ass it all was. Of course, the logic may be that they want to inspire the "Well, I've gotten this far so I might as well buy it" mentality.


Yeah...not qute sure what the point to that is, really. Are you somehow making me more likely to buy it because you're superficially bringing me one step closer to buying it. Iiii'm not fallin for that one!


I hate it too. Seems to be happening more and more.


It's annoying. I get why they do it, either to make comparisons more difficult or to incentiveize you to buy ("oh wow, it's $1.50 under list and it's already in my cart! I might as well buy it!!"), but so far as I'm concerned, it makes no difference at all. If you're comparing prices, all it does is waste a little more of your time.

Which in the long run isnt a big deal, those 6 seconds probably weren't going to go towards anything all that much more productive, but it's overall pretty pointless in my opinion.


@tsfisch: That's absolutely correct. I used to sell consumer electronics a few years ago. A lot of brands make the authorized reseller sign agreements stating they won't advertise the product below a certain price point.

This is why you'll see a ton of "add to cart to see price" deals.


I usually find with those the old rule "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" rings true.


Well, before reading some of the answers, I was going to say absolutely YES!, but now that I see some of the logistics... I'm not near as annoyed.