questionswhat's the best wiper blades?


I just bought some RainX Latitude wipers two weeks ago. They're great. I got them on Amazon for about 36% less than Walmart was charging - plus no tax.

I've got a subscription to, so I checked there before buying. Here's what they had to say:

The Latitude came in 2nd place after Valeo 600 Series. They're both around the same price and both got Recommended status from CR. The Anco 31 Series & Michelin RainForce were in 3rd & 4th and both received CR Best Buy status.

The Valeo ranks Excellent (5/5) in cleaning when new while the Latitude only ranks Very Good (4/5). BUT the Latitude still ranks Very Good after 6 months, while the performance of the Valeo drops to Good (3/5) after 6 months. I basically chose the wipers that would hold up longer.

If you're looking at Latitudes you've probably their copy about the frameless "beam" design. CR says, "Beam blades usually cost more than conventional wipers, but overall we didn’t see a notable advantage in regular use. "


@anotherhiggins: Thank you for posting that.

I always caution people about CR ratings. They are only good for the item at the time it was tested. Companies often change their formulas or use cheaper grades of materials for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a company will order a shipment of chemical x from country y, will advance test the product, bulk purchase and ship, and later found out that they got a little of the ole bait and switch. Sometimes it is just inferior or in other cases it is substituted. The point of all of this is that an item tested today may not be the same thing hung on the store shelf tomorrow.


So now I have come to an issue with finding a good 14" wiper blade. The good year assurance comes in a 14" size and seems comparable to the latitude. Anyone ever use the good assurance wiper blades?


Put RainX (The liquid) on your windshield and most of the time you won't even need to turn on your wipers. The raindrops just scoot up and away. Your blades, when you do use them, will last a long, long time.


i like the rainx blades. i find that the rainx windshield wiper fluid helps keep the windshield pretty clear when raining too.


I use aquapel on my windshield and it keeps the water beading for about 6 months. But I also fav aquapel because I get it for free from my mother in law who happens to be a auto-glass sales rep


it really depends on your wind shield, the rainX wipers don't sit flush with my wind shield, so they're utterly useless at the tips.

If you have some that work, go for the same brand, just make sure you buy the right size.


Seriously the best you can buy is the generic wipers they sell at walmart Tire and Lube. RainX wipers streak after about 2 weeks for me. The generic brand leaves NO streaks and last for a long time. You have to ask them specifically for the generic brand they use in the shop.


If you can find them (I did at Wal Mart), I like the triple edge wipers. You do have to fill out an online registration but, after that, they will send you a new pair for free. The shipping time is a bit long, so you should plan ahead (as soon as you notice them starting to deteriorate, fill out the form).


I've been using Trico NeoForms since 2009 and believe they are the best wiper blades. I started with rainx latitudes but had issues with them missing spots - I think it had to do with them being too stiff. Also, the attachment was huge and ugly. So I switched to bosch icons. They were good but very expensive. That's when I switched NeoForms. They are smooth and quiet and very low profile (small adapter system). They also are dircet-connect to my arms where as most of the others required snap-on subassemblies to attach. The price was very good too (wipers123 online). They really are the best wipers I've ever used.


I would go for the Rain-X Latitude

- best total coverage of the windshield,
- extremely easy to install, as it comes with several different adapters designed to be used with all kinds of mounting points.
- The graphite-coated blade deliver clean, quiet, smooth wipes and can be used reliably all year round.

More info: