questionshow many people prefer to buy a cd, and rip it to…


I'll buy the CD.

One can always resell a CD down the line if need be. One can't legally resell a digital copy.


I do, because I still use an old boombox to tote around. And I can also let someone borrow a CD.


As long as the price is the same or lower, I'd buy the CD. I can rip that in any format and quality I want.


If it is the same price or something that I particularly like I will always go for the physical copy. When its a huge price difference or the physical copy is simply not available I will definitely get a digital copy.


I still think the audio quality sounds better when listening to a CD then a MP3. MP3's are obviously much more convenient then CD's since it is so easy to select songs and albums rather then change CD's however for my favorite groups I still would rather pick up the CD if the price is close. It is hard to pass up the sales on MP3 albums that you can pick up for $2-$5....can't beat that price when it comes to physical copies.


"All else being equal, such as price. If the CD is $9.99, and the itunes/amazon/googleplay mp3 album is also $9.99, which would you prefer in the long run?"

In that case, I prefer CDs.

I rip in FLAC format and mirror in MP3 for things I want to port to my phone, though I rarely bother with that since I can now stream my entire collection from the cloud through Google Music.

Exact Audio Copy and MP3Tag are great tools for keeping your digital music library neat and tidy.


I too prefer the CD, if I loose my MP3 player or hard drive, I still have a copy.

@anotherhiggins, thanks for the tip.


I like CD's. Not just for the sound quality, but I'm also a slut for liner notes.

And I'll second @anotherhiggins... EAC is a fantastic program.


I thought I was the only person left buying cds. Buying MP3s is the one digital entertainment medium I have not embraced.


I still buy CDs too, even if the price is a bit higher.


Good question. First, it makes a difference if you want all the songs on the CD or just one.

If you want just one and it costs $0.99 for the digital copy, I'd go for the digital copy as long as it's in MP3 format and none of those with Digital Rights Management.

So if I want multiple songs from the same CD and it would cost the same to get the digital copy, definitely get the CD and rip it myself.


@cengland0: That's exactly my take. I hardly ever want an entire album, but if I do and the price is the same, I'd buy the CD. Otherwise, for individual songs here & there, I'd go for the mp3s.


I usually download flac or mp3 files to hear new music. Then if I like it, I look for the CD at used CD shops (college towns FTW!) or on ebay, buy it and then re-rip it with EAC. I refuse to buy new, full-price CDs unless it's a present for someone else.


I always buy a cd. I have a bad track record for killing my hard drive and losing all of my pictures and music. Plus I can take the cd into my car since I usually leave my mp3 player at work.


I usually buy the CD. Especially if it's one of my favorite artists. I like to have the album art and pictures. I only buy digital if I'm in a hurry.


It looks like I'm the outcast here. I always buy the MP3. Thanks to Amazon Cloud there is no risk of losing my music. And MP3s don't clutter the house like CDs. Plus I can always find the song I want in a few key strokes. I've also gone to e-books for the same reasons (unless the book I want is old enough to be in the bargain bin).


I prefer to buy the CD and rip myself, but if the digital version is at a price less than the CD version to a point where I feel it is significant enough, I will get the digital version instead


I still get CDs every now and then. I definitely prefer to have the physical copy. I almost never use CDs (my collection is pretty much on display in my parents' basement) but it's good to know that if my hard drive ever goes up and I cant get a back up I can recover a good amount of my music.


I definitely prefer buying a CD and ripping it myself. I still like going to a music store and thumbing through the lot to find something interesting.

iTunes just doesn't have the same feel to it.


I'm another outlier who buys the mp3s. A big part of that (and buying ebooks) is that if I buy the mp3s they are available immediately, but if I buy a CD it has to ship and arrive here (no music stores nearby).

However, if it's an old CD I'd rather buy a used copy for much less money, but new stuff I'd rather download the mp3s.


It totally depends on the price, whatever is cheaper wins. I'm picky about the music I buy, so I now know I won't need to sell it back, because I'm sure I'll listen to it someday.