questionsdid anyone know today is national bubble bath day?


I have my bath salts ready!!


@rcehome: Actually, it's tomorrow, but they say it's today. Every day is bubble bath day for some people I know, and probably some I would like to know.


No bath tub. Had it replaced with a nice shower stall with built in steam room, water massage seat, waterfall setting, etc. I'm too impatient to lie about in a stew of my own juices. For my sister, OTOH, it's a lifestyle choice. She'd never leave the tub if she didn't have to.


I'm allergic to Mr. Bubble, breaks me out in hives...ruined my childhood! I am very allergic to it, and a whole bunch of other soaps. Ok, so it didn't really ruin my childhood, but I'm sure at the time it was heart breaking!


Not a bubble bath kind here, but I do enjoy visits to the hot tub on the screened back deck.


I personally don't take baths, but I'm not a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker.