questionshas anyone installed an electrical outlet with…


I was thinking about getting one or two of these, which are as easy to install as you can get. Plug it into the existing outlet and you're done. If you want to get one that requires switching out the existing outlet, just remember to kill power to that room before you begin. It should be an easy switch. Remove the existing outlet, unscrew the two wires connected to it, attach them to the new outlet (paying attention to which one goes where) and screw the faceplate into the wall. Pat yourself on the back for being so handy, and then turn the power back on and hope you don't need to run and get the fire extinguisher.


I remember a deal posted from thinkgeek that had one a while back. It was not licensed (or approved) by the electrical professional group (I can't remember the name, maybe "UL") and the thinking was the USB port would draw constant power. There may be better ones available now.

I have several Belkin 3-outlet power strips that each have two usb ports. I find they work pretty well and are portable (good for traveling).



I have one of these -

Just haven't installed it yet. :(

The best candidate is a switched outlet, which really does me no good. The electricians who did my condo when it was built really didn't think!


I considered one of these but decided I had enough multi-port USB bricks kicking around that I didn't need any of them built in.


Replacing the whole outlet would be cleaner, but a plug-in is going to be a lot more convenient.

Except they're out of stock, consider this from Monoprice instead:


@narfcake: Yeah I wanna replace the whole outlet, but have not seen the intricacies of those bad boys. Wondering if there's any surprises I should know about before embarking on the project.


i think the extenders with ports on them are the best bet. they don't take up much more room and in the end are easily moved.


Wanted to let you all know about our product, the USB Sock-IT from 8G Electronics...the outlet uses no electricity when the usb charger doors are closed. Plug in your electronic device and the charger will automatically shut off when the battery is fully charged. The only way to turn it back on is to physically remove your USB cord and re-insert...our outlet will not overcharge your battery or trickle charge your electric bill.

We are about to have our products in retail stores nationwide. U.S. Patented and UL Listed, we will be offering a variety of permanent and plug-in versions of our Electrical/USB chargers.

-Current version is 10 watts of charging/15 amp circuit/2 110V plugs (Charges the iPad)

-Next version is 20 watts of charging/15 amp and 20 amp (Charges 2 iPads simultaneously)

-Plug-in version with same technology and different configurations
1 110V Plug and 2 USB Chargers
4 USB chargers covering one plug leaving the other available


I have installed 4 of these. They are great. They do not sip power when nothing is plugged and you do not have wall warts hanging on your outlets...

Things to watch out for. The USB outlets take up more room than outlet it replaces. Smaller boxes may not accommodate the USB outlet. Most modern boxes are probably full size but older boxes might need to be replaced. I ended up cutting in new holes and running the outlets from the older ones....