questionswould you like the functionality to "revive" an…


I agree w/you. I enjoy the question section, but find it's almost impossible to search for previous similar questions. And, as you mentioned, reviving an old question is not functional. Two similar questions I've asked:

Suggestion: Could older questions be moved up when a new Answer is given? Note: This question was similar to a question asked 11 months ago. No changes; no resolution. (Original identifying tags changed to meta & suggestion)

Duplicate & Old Questions.Can you really "find" DUPs? What to do about Old Questions? IMO, a large part of the dup question issue is that tags are removed to make the question non-specific & totally generic. (Original tags changed)


I thought about this and can see arguments both ways.

As a user, it would be great to have useful info kept current and easily searchable. However, many threads trail off, with a few great answers and a number just add noise. Maybe JumboWoot needs add a Deals FAQ or PIN certain questions to an archive tab.

However, I can also see that re-asking a question draws new answers and interest, reminds others about prior discussion and allows new insight and information to rise to the top. The easy solution is to include links back to the prior discussion.

One other thought.
You realize how these Q&A threads are generated?
It's a huge database of deals, questions and comments.
Each entry is keyed, indexed, (filtered?) and linked, so generating a thread chews up disk space, transaction time. Trying to keep all the older discussions online and fully indexed might exceed some system limits.

No good answer, but I'm in favor of the new question with links back.


@tpscan: A new question w/links back would be somewhat helpful. Two problems: 1)It's almost impossible to search & find a similar question. Tags are inconsistent & often do not 'define' the question adequately. Most tags are changed to bland, non-definitive words. i.e. meta, question, chat. 2) When someone does link back, generally people read the original question and a)don't add a comment to the old one (useless if they did because the only people who would see the new answer are those who subscribed to it. b)will read both the old & new ? and not bother commenting at all. I see much nodding yes-valid question. Never gonna be fixed. BTDT.

End result: Nothing gets resolved. These are questions & suggestions that might enhance/improve the questions tab. Good, bad or indifferent, I have not seen one answer by staff. Those who could change something. OR explain why it's not being changed. A strong suggestion I have, don't change the tags.. allow them to define the question.


@gmwhit: All very useful information and suggestions... Someone just needs to invoke one of the Powers That Be like @JumboWoot: