questionshas your bag of crap from 5/23/12 shipped yet?


Tomorrow is only the 3rd business day. The BOC will not ship until Wednesday or Thursday most likely.


Mine was delivered at 8:20 a.m. today! My box contained:
a Sanyo camera bag, a
really cute grocery tote bag with a sunflower on it,
a 3XL "heavy cotton" Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton t-ahirt (bright orange)
Trendy Budz lavender in-ear ear buds
a plush "Cow Parade" Boston cow


Oops! There was one more little bubble-wrapped item in my box. I received the above plus a silver-tone mesh band watch. The word "Quartz" is on the face of the watch. The back says "SKC" and "Stainless steel movement China"

Thank you, Woot!

One of my other WootOff items (beautiful American flag and accessories) arrived last week. Another (my shower heads) arrived yesterday with my BOC.


Hope your BOC is better than mine. 7 YEARS to finally get my first, and I got a stained t-shirt, some dead batteries, some latex gloves and a spit ball board. Oh, and some olive oil soap.

Woot thinks I am an uncouth, diseased, deviant self-pleasurer.

With dry skin.