questionshave you ever seen amazon go down before?


Did you try, because it's up for me. To answer your question, no. Never known it to be down.


oh shhhh you weren't supposed to see that. QUICK someone flashy thing him

no, i haven't. i saw go down once though


@rprebel: Yeah it's back up. I used and it said it was down for them. It was like THREE WHOLE MINUTES. I NEARLY DIED.


@coolphilip04: that link tells me this right now "It's not just you! looks down from here." but it's not down, i can go to it and see it


@w00tgurl: Yeah it's back up now, but I assume their cache may be a little delayed. OR MAYBE IT STILL IS DOWN AND WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!


@w00tgurl: Yeah, that link is the longified version of, and says the 'Zon is down as well. Oh well. As long as I can shop I'm happy.


That movie was just between amazon and it's significant other. Why can this stuff stay off the internet?


Yes. Hundreds of acres of the Amazon rainforest are being destroyed every single day that we sit idly by. Oh, wait, you meant something else didn't you?


My first thought was wrong...yes, but I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it.


I don't know if I'd call a few minutes going down (insert Austin Powers comment here).

I've seen it have the rare issue from time to time where it's messed up (errors or otherwise slow loading) for short times, but I've never seen it stay down for any long period of time (more than 10-15 mins).