questionsam i the only one that has noticed the deals are…


I sort of agree. I was hoping to one day get a black square but it now seems hopeless.

Woot has changed and I have to just deal with what they have become. If they want to change their business model, they are allowed to do that. However, as a customer, I'm also allowed to spend my money elsewhere.

I still check all the woot sites daily but nothing has interested me in a long time. I'm stuck at 70 woots and probably will not get to the 100 required for the black square. They seem to offer the same things over and over again instead of offering unique products that were of interest to me in the past.

Deals.woot is the only thing that keeps me here. If it wasn't for this section of the site, I would have left a long time ago.


Not all of the deals are great, but I've seen more of a willingness by the staff (those that you see posting) in the recent past to occasionally lower prices to improve deals that we find are not great. In the past, that rarely happened.


@cengland0: Deals.woot is the only thing that keeps me here. If it wasn't for this section of the site, I would have left a long time ago.


@hunter306: I think the mods that are active on this forum are great and try their best to keep the moral up around here. I think the mods who are around here and who were here well before the Amazon purchase are stuck in a position to just "go with the flow". Again, they try their best to keep woot! fresh and different from the rest, but there is only so much they can do now.

Now I just kinda bounce around to a number of different deal sites.


If it weren't for the wine, I would agree. wine.woot FTW! I'll definitely get to 100 woots, one case at a time.


In for an agree. I miss the days of 2-for-tuesday. Sigh.


Hey now, there are still good deals to be found on woot every now and then. Don't forget the US economy (and world) has changed dramatically since woot first began, leading them to change their business model a bit. I agree the number of good deals has declined, or the number of crappy deals has increased; but the great wootizen community that woot helped create is right there to let us know what's what. That's why I stick around. I also have faith that one day they will go back to their roots, endless supplies of Zunes, 2 for Tuesdays, Roombas and Buckyballs galore.


@eraten: The economy has nothing to do with out impression of the deals. When we look at the same product elsewhere, it might still be cheaper at woot but only by a couple dollars. It is not significant enough for me to press that "Buy" button because I know I could always buy it later for just a few dollars more.

Previously, woot had deals you were hard pressed to find cheaper elsewhere. The deals also sold out. Today, I hardly see deals sell out and they just go from the main woot site to home to sellout to moofi only to come back as a side deal later.


I don't know if it necessarily is worse, but certainly different. It does seem that there are fewer and fewer great deals. Very few or no launch products. No more 2 for Tuesdays, no more Sansas (sniff), screaming monkeys, or woot lights.

The old woot had better deals, but also more carp. I mean real carp, like that gawdawful video recorder that I could not give away. We do get some more neat stuff (like the Woot skillet today), and some occasional good deals (like today's offering at Sport, that is a great knife for the price). Wine probably has the best ratio of good deals to bad, but even there you have to be carefule, WD has been dropping in some carp


If it weren't for the good shir ... oh wait.

Most everyone knows my stance here, and I'm at the acceptance stage, certainly not trying to be so negative like I have been in the past 10 months. I still love seeing the ideas the artists have every week and there are still good aspects here and there. That said, there are times in which even the good aspects [url=]disappoint me[/url] ... maybe that explains why I have yet to click on the gold button this year.


@caffeine_dude: I'm afraid that just proves the issue is real, and that the question is not irrelevant. This isn't like some arbitrary rep-builder of an ATCQ.

I can't help but think that if Amazon wants this to remain a useful property, that they'll have to notice and react to the increased user dissent eventually .... though who knows.


I see you're new here: Welcome to Deals ATC, where we complain weekly, especially when it comes to this theme. Sometimes, the complaints are even merited. ;-)


@psaux: User dissent means nothing to Amazon. Sales do.
I'm not trying to be all nihilistic or Debbie Downer here, it's just a simple fact of business.

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This question always reminds me of people who complain about Reality TV shows. Reality TV shows do not bother me because I do not watch them.

I do catch wind of Reality TV shows in spoof form, and yet they still do not bother me.

They could have done what did and continue on the path that made egghead great, insanely low prices on computer parts.

Deal with it. Woot is not going to split from Amazon.


I still come for the Sea Salt caramels!!!


@caffeine_dude: You should get all of the upvotes; if only I had more to give. @psaux: It is an "arbitrary rep-builder of an ATCQ". It appeals to the small group of vocal people who actually vote on these stupid questions. Look at the vote totals the questions get and then think about how many people are on deals.woot.


I thought the last Woot-off was the best one in quite a while. Maybe things are changing.


@gigi889: those are ridiculously delicious! Although, the no Bag of Crap during Woot-Offs is really strange. "Let's take the one item uniquely ours and stop offering it, that is such a great idea!" - said no one ever.


sadly things always change, rarely for the best it seems.


everyone thinks they know so much about retail, reselling and supply chain economics. nobody ever said that woot had a guarantee on oddball merchandise at rock bottom prices or that they could guarantee economic conditions in the future. quit crying, if the deals aren't good, don't buy. it's ridiculous that there are hundreds of threads addressing the same whiny issue; I can't believe that these are adults crying like this.


@cengland0: economy has everything to do with deals. and as woot has grown over the years, their customer base has grown and their buying opportunities are always changing. so should we fault woot because they are buying larger lots of merchandise and therefore don't sell out in a day and they move across their various sites?

and let's not forget that woot was so impactful on the world that they created a MONSOON of competitor sites, therefore limiting the amount of rare, end-lot, closeout, etc. merchandise they can offer because there is more competition.


I assure you all this post had nothing to do with "rep building" as you so eloquently put it. This was merely a post to see if I was not the only one that had noticed this. I could care less about deals.woot rep.

Also several people stated “if you don’t like the deals don’t buy them” which is exactly what was stated in my post. Reference “Not going to be purchasing anything from Woot again”.

As for the multiple other posts I tried to do a search for similar but was not able to find them so I apologize for the similar post.

Hope you all have a good day and thank you to all the people that actually answered the question rather than complaining that I was complaining.