questionsshirt.woot! hoodies? how do i find which designs…


Hmmm, I see hoodies offered for the for the featured design - is that the only time they are offered?
=( If I'm wrong please let me know.

I bought an apron and I don't think it was a featured design, so I thought the hoodies were available all the time also.


There's no catalog for them. Sometimes they are offered on the main page, but more often, they're only offered on selected items in the Woot Plus sales.


Hoodies are sometimes (not often) offered as part of a daily sale.

Otherwise, you'll need to watch the Plus sales that appear on the Shirt.Woot main page.

You can also see what Plus items are available at a thread Lichme & I maintain over on Shirt.Woot items are at the bottom of the list so they're easy to find.

The link never changes so you can bookmark it. We usually have the thread updated by about 9:30am CT weekdays.