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If you're in a low humidity area, you might consider a swamp cooler instead. They're effective, can be low cast, and can even be rigged up if you're handy.


@faughtey: Somewhere or other, this has come up (and been answered before) at length. If someone else doesn't post a link to the really informative thread on it here within a few hours, I'll come back and search for it myself.

@gatzby: Swamp coolers won't work in Dallas (or Seattle either).


@faughtey: I knew if I used good old google, I'd come up with the answer (and it's not one I commented on, either). You wouldn't have found this just looking for questions. The one I used to have was also recommended by @lavikinga (in this comment):

The original question was:

More than a year ago... I see they're still on Amazon, for $445, and that it says to hurry, there's only 8 left.


I know this isn't really answering the question you asked, but if you want to save up faster (or at least pay less initially) then you may want to consider hacking a solution together with a standard window unit.

When we were in an apartment a couple of years ago, I put a window unit in the balcony's sliding door, with a sheet of plexiglass above it. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't perfect, but we got the unit for free, and it kept the place significantly cooler than without it.

If the window is at all big enough for a window unit, even thought it doesn't "work" for some reason, building a wooden mounting frame might do the trick and at a substantially lower cost. I'm looking into doing the same for the master bedroom where I am now. We have a portable A/C in the kitchen / living room area, but that's at the far end of the house, and the bedroom window faces the setting sun. It gets miserable back here. (My computer equipment might have something to do with that as well...)


I found a really great quality portable AC on Craigslist and it was 1/3 the cost of a new similarly spec'd one and it has worked for an entire year perfectly. Maybe try used?

The prices are unbelievable!
There was one on there a couple weeks ago for $50..... it was a floor model, which most of the stuff is anyway, the only catch is that you have to be able to get to the store that the has the bargain, because the shipping cost is ridiculous. I bought a portable AC last year on craigslist for 175.....wish i knew about back then.


Thanks everyone! I'm sure to find the perfect air conditioner with all your help.