questionswhat do you give your boss for christmas?


We pool our monies to give to a his charity in his name. When I say his charity, I mean the one he does volunteer work for (not his wallet).


Last year, I gave my old boss my resignation.


We all pitched in and one lady is making him a basket. He likes hot stuff so this will have about $30 or more dollars worth of hot food and snacks topped off with a bottle on Tums.


I have like five bosses. So nothing.


$5-10 is the general expectation for close co-workers in our office. My immediate boss gave me a $10 Walmart gift card. I am giving him an electronic travel Sudoku game and a travel kit which is a little zippered case with airplane socks, airplane eye mask, earplugs, single use toothbrush and tooth paste, pen, tissues, and room for personal items. He travels some for work so I think he will find it useful.


My wish list of things he should change next year!


My last boos wasn't even good enough to deserve a lump of coal. Unless you were bouncing it off his head. Repeatedly.