questionscan i use an old smartphone as a wi-fi only…


I use an old iPhone 4 for that exact purpose and it works great. I do not have a sim card installed and WiFi works okay.

Did the same with an Android HTC Sensation too.

Unless you have some weird locked phone that will not working unless you subscribe to a wireless service, I don't see any reason it wouldn't work on your local wifi network.


I have an old android phone that I use for this purpose. Just be sure to erase any user information, and detach it from your accounts. I forgot to do this, and my kids purchased a couple of apps before I realized what happened.


You could do the same thing with an old-gen iPod Touch - or even an original iPad. You might find a good deal on a used one of those as well. $100 or less?

We leave a 2nd gen Touch that won't run the latest apps due to its old operating system version in a speaker dock. Still runs streaming Pandora great. And it plays the MP3s stored on it fine as well. Sometimes we leave it in the car, hooked to the car stereo as well. (No streaming in that case due to needing wifi.)


we have 2 old android phones we stream with- one Droid Incredible, one Galaxy S3 and both stream from all the services and music apps. A cheap Bluetooth receiver'll cost you $15 and you can play thru your stereo aux input with the RCA connectors- it works great!


My old Android phones:
- HTC Eris: In the car as MP3 player & backup phone in case the Samsung dies.
- Motorola Droid: VLC/PC remote control for HT PC. And backup in case the Samsung goes swimming.
- HTC Incredible II: Netflix 'Cast controller. And backup in case the Samsung ends up in someone else's pocket.

SO, to answer your question, it is a definite maybe...


Older devices still have great function to them. I use an older Android phone by TV to look up films and shows. Check the Web for extra news and stories. You tube videos and even an alarm clock at times. You can find great deals on older phones that still do everything you'll most likely need it for.


My son put his Galaxy note through the wash. Everything still worked except the phone function. Removed sim card, and now my 8 yr old uses it for games, videos, etc.


Yes, without a SIM care smart is just a smaller tablet.