questionshow do you buy a product?


Click on the deal "title." The next page will give you the deal details. Click on the deal title on THAT page and BOOM! You will be magically whisked away to the site of the internet vendor who is offering the deal. You will have to abide by the rules of sale on that particular website.
This current site you are on ( does NOT sell anything, but is only a place where people like you and me post great deals we find elsewhere on the internet.

Think of this place where you are reading this reply as the community bulletin board at the grocery store with notices of stuff for sale pinned to it. The grocer isn't selling the stuff. OTHER PEOPLE ARE.

PLEASE go here and read this: It will help answer ALL your questions! And Welcome to!


@lavikinga: You are such a good ambassador....there may be a Cabinet opening in a few days. You should check it out. ;)


@jsimsace: I doubt it will be offered to someone like me who believes it's better to teach a man to fish rather than to hand him a can of tuna and be on my way.