questionsam i the only person that dosen't care about…


i'm in. that it had the biggest weekend gross by $10 million is just sad. it beat out BM: Dark Knight. however, Dark Knight didn't charge super-extra dollars for 3D & iMax.


I work at a movie theatre. I definitely don't care for it. I've read the first book and thought it was alright. I watched the first movie and thought it was alright. That's where my HP saga leaves off.


Is that the vampire movie that all the kids are watching now a days? Don't care for it much either. If I'm going to watch a vampire movie, I'll stick to watching Lost Boys.


@abramokids: Can't you count? There are 4 of us and we stand semi-united in this cause! Well, belief. Maybe.


No. This is the same answer to all the questions that go like:

"Am I the only person that dosen't care about X?"

Where X is anything.


They beat the record because they "cheated". 4 major multi-plex theaters in my area had the midnight showing in each of the theaters. Example, a single theater with 20 screens had all 20 presenting the midnight showing. Of course they are going to break records having the movie available to tons more then the conventional method.


I just graduated college, meaning when HP came out (in book form), it was extremely popular and i loved it. When the first movie came out, it was still popular with my age group. When the 7th book came out, I read it just for the sake of completion...and it was predictably mediocre (the epilogue was probably the worst 5 pages of crap I've ever read.)

I stopped seeing the movies around the 3rd or 4th one, the acting is just so terrible.

I think JK beat the crap out of this franchise, and I have lost ALL interest in anything HP related...and my name is Harry too :(