questionsare there mystery boxes available?


Back in the good ol' days as most consider them now, you could get a BOC (essentially the mystery box you are looking for) sometime during the woot-off which is actually happening as we speak.

Recently though, woot has been coming up with new ways of using the BOC, this time there is a treasure hunt. You must find the map pieces, decode the map, and then it will reveal how to get one of the BOCs. All you need to do is look in the descriptions for the word TREASURE and you can start collecting map pieces.

Aside from that?

You can transfer me 50 bucks to PayPal and I'll send you a mystery box!


Spend every waking minute on Woot over the next two days. If there's going to be a BOC (there isn't always) that will be your best bet to get one.

If half way through, you need to replace the F5 key on your keyboard, you're doing it right.


@studerc: haha thanks. Just started the hunt, I found 3 pieces already. Any idea how many there are?


Mystery boxes are only allowed on woot. Wait a minute.....what were we talking about?