questionsare you thinking about getting the new kindle…


$500 for a tablet with ads. That's just dumb.


"for a tablet that isn't an iPad" ...what an idiotic thing to say


@miquinn: Thank you for your constructive criticism. Care to explain? Tablets that aren't iPads typically cost less, because that's one of the few ways they can compete with the force of nature that is the iPad. When I said "for a tablet that isn't an iPad", I was highlighting the fact that this thing costs as much as an iPad, yet a) isn't one and b) has advertising you can't get rid of. That's it. That's the only reason I brought it up.

I'm not some Apple fanboy that buys two of everything they sell. I don't even like iOS. I am a lifelong Mac user, but that's another story. I guess I'm just idiotic.


I'm not sure why this bothers people so much. Every app you use has ads all over it, why do you care if your lock screen has an ad on it? It's on for what..5 seconds until the screen shuts off or you unlock it? Yes, I'd prefer a tablet without ads, but $500 is pretty cheap for that tablet.

Besides, there are apps you can use to block any ads if you want to root your tablet, or even root it and put a custom rom on it.

edit @rprebel in what world does this cost as much as an ipad? 32gb ipad with 4g is $729


Also, my bigger turn off for the tablet is that they avoided putting in an SD card slot. Seems to me its an "If Apple can get away with it, so can we" move. I guess if it works, it works.

Anyways, I won't be buying one, just my 2 cents.


Yeah from what I understand there ads are pretty minimal, but it is still frustrating on principal. Why should they get to make more money without giving you anything extra in turn?

My other main concern is that if they are including ads they will make it harder to root since they don't want you getting rid of those ads and really rooted and running a custom rom is the only way I would ever want to use my kindle fire or a new kindle fire.


Um, you clearly have never, ever used a Kindle with Special Offers. And obviously you have never read any of the many threads here and on the main sites (when Kindles were being sold) about these ads on the lock screens. They aren't intrusive. At all. I had originally intended to buy my Kindle Touch without ads but screwed up and got the one with. They are completely unintrusive. And, honestly, most of them are better than that really creepy picture of Jane Austen that comes up all the time.

The legitimate argument against them is that the data delivery for them will count against your data limit. The Kindles with 3G have Amazon paying for the bandwidth, and the previous Kindle Fire was wifi only, so a 2GB bandwidth cap wasn't so much of a big deal.


@meh3884: A comparable iPad does cost over $200 more, but $500 is still too high for this imo.

@wilfbrim: If it doesn't bother you, that's fine. It's all opinion anyway. Incidentally, please refrain from telling me what I've obviously or clearly done or not done just because we disagree on a matter of opinion.


@wilfbrim: I own a Kindle Touch and agree with you. The ads are just on the lock screen and are "offered" at the bottom of the main screen when you look at your Kindle Library. Aren't at all intrusive, and sometimes they offer free credits to Amazon stuff, and are most often ads for upcoming movies or the Kindle Daily Deal on the lock screen. Not a bother at all!


Re: The OP's question. I really have no horse in this Amazon race. I do not want a Kindle Fire tablet. Do have many Kindle E-READERS. Different. Way different. I think many confuse the 2 because of the name "Kindle."

And yes, I've heard the ads (on the Kindle e-readers) are not obtrusive. Don't have one w/ads either. Would consider the new Kindle Light (e-reader) w/ads. But, only when they price it reasonably. It is not priced at that 'reasonable' point now.

For what it's worth, I think the Fire is overpriced, too. But, I'm not in the market, so disregard the previous comment. ;-)


The description is a bit misleading, the regular Kindle Fire HD 8.9" is for $299, and if you want added 4G connectivity, THEN it's $499. In addition to 4g connectivity, the $499 Kindle Fire has 32GB of storage, and the comparable iPad model costs $729. Furthermore, Amazon is hoping to attract customers from both the 7" tablet market and the 10" tablet market by introducing an 8.9" tablet, which is in the middle of the two. I'm sorry if some of you already know this information, but I know some probably don't. I almost forgot, keep in mind that Amazon does not charge shipping in many states, so keep that in mind when comparing prices.


@zodaddy: Thanks for that. I should have posted more info about it myself. Amazon has started charging tax in more places recently, but that is a good thing to keep in mind for those living in the tax free states.

@gmwhit: I can't disregard a comment that puts iggz in his place. :-)


I totally overlooked the whole "special offers" thing.. which kind of makes it a heck of a "down side" for me.

I'm sure they'll disable it eventually, if enough customers have revolted against it.

I've gotten my dad a Kindle Fire for fathers day earlier this year.. kind of bummed out a little that a new one came out AND it has a front facing camera on it. Defiantly a hefty upgrade from the previous version.. I think I'll just preorder this new one and convince him to sell the old one.. maybe after the Apple announcements this week.

The kindle fires aren't that bad though especially with the prime perks.. but I found the UI kind of hard to get used to at first.


{rant of a guy who has consume a tad bit of wine}

LOLZ wut is this thread? I'm surprised this is even an issue.

Hell, I'd take actual ads for an even bigger discount on a Kindle. The sponsored offers on a Kindle are kinda like looking at that stupid airbag warning sticker on the visor in my car.

You know how many morons pay loads of cash-monies-honey each month (for hundreds of channels they will never watch) just to be blasted with a deluge of obnoxious tv commercials?

Also, people pay $95 a year for that sh** excuse-for-streaming-service called Hulu plus and get blasted with like a dozen obnoxious ads for every 23 minute show.

All Hail Amazon!*


*except for the horse crap they've turned woot into ^coughcough^

{/end rant}


Good news for those who wanted to opt-out of advertisements!

For just a tiny chunk of your wallet, $15, you can opt-out the advertisements.

Copied and pasted:

An Amazon spokesperson reached out to us by email with the following statement:

I wanted to let you know that with Kindle Fire HD there will be a special offers opt-out option for $15. We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out. We're happy to offer customers the choice.


I have a Kindle supported by Ads and it's the most unobtrusive thing ever. It's only on lock screens. And they're ads that are related to stuff I'll buy.

If that helps keep the cost down on my end then I'm all for it.


Man no one chooses to read the links anymore do they? The link from the OP shows ads on the home page of the Kindle Fire (tablet). Check out the links, realize that this is a tablet, not an e-reader, and then post. The comparisons to the current situtation is fine, just realize the future may not be like the current situation.


Um - you can opt out. Per the Amazon Product page-
"Your offers display on the lock screen and lower left hand corner of the home screen—they don't interrupt use of the device. If you would like to opt out of these special offers, you can do so through Manage Your Kindle for $15 after you have registered your device."

ETA - Sorry for posting the same info as above. I read it, but for some reason, it didn't register.


The ads have NOTHING to do why I will not get the Fire. The OS has EVERYTHING to do with it. I want access to Google Play and any other App Store without rooting. Freedom is the key!...Ads? not care even a little bit.


Big as life, after you click LEARN MORE next to "Includes special offers and sponsored screensavers." on the new Kindle pages, you get a pop-up advising you that if you don't want the special offers you can pay a one-time $15 fee to get rid of them, after you register your new device.

Wasn't yesterday National Literacy Day? Didn't you people read anything before you started blithering? :D


@morriea: Rooting my "original" Kindle Fire took less than 15 minutes, once I found documentation and a ROM. Now it dual-boots an XDA custom ROM as well as the factory ROM. What's your hang-up about rooting an Android gadget?


@aphroat: No hang-up, but I deal tablets so I have access to better hardware without rooting at better price (yet I am rooted). I speak for the average JOE. Most people will never root and do not know that there are alternatives to a branched version of Android. A small percentage of users will know enough, or research enough to know any better. They see Apple, or they see Amazon and assume it is the way to go.


I have my original Kindle Fire, and I'll be keeping it for a while. I've owned a Beta VCR and an Apple II and an Atari ST. All were great machines for their time, but being great isn't always enough to be successful. Anyone who thinks they know for sure whether iOS, Android, or Windows8/Surface will prevail is fooling themselves. And, since I have a desktop and laptop for what the Fire won't do, I'm happy using it for what it does when those two aren't available.

When it is clear which system will win out, AND the improvements from generation to generation start to slow down, I'll move up. And, when that happens, that's going to be one cool tablet, whatever it is.