questionsdo any of you have a nexus 4? should i keep…


Judging by the specs it certainly LOOKS like it would be worth the price.
They go in and out of stock frequently from I have seen, too. I'd keep checking back.


I got mine in the second run they did, so I've had it almost a month now. Using it with Straight Talk, and I'm very happy with it. Very, very happy with it. Using it is smooth, like buttah.

Anyways, I read that T-Mobile is going to start carrying them in their stores this month. No word as to whether the contract's required, but maybe they'd let you buy it outright?

It's worth the wait, since you've got a "for now" phone to tide you over.


I'd be perfectly happy if they'd just let me give them my money and then send it whenever it's my turn, but it doesn't seem they want to go that way. I'll keep an eye out at t-mobile like you suggested.


Keep in mind, if you buy it from T-Mobile, it will be locked to their network. As far as I know, you have to have three months of continuous service and be in good standing to get it unlocked.
Something to keep in mind.


I have one--- it is amazing. Though I can't figure out why in the world they made that damn thing ALL glass... you look at it wrong and it will shatter...

I'm absolutely terrified I will bust the glass but I hate cases- they just add too much bulk. I would love to get a bumper (it is a tad slippery in the hands) but that thing will never be in stock.

Warning about the slickness of the glass... be very VERY VERRRRRY careful about the surfaces you place the phone. If it is even slightly angled, the phone will slowly slide off... especially if you are playing music or get a call.


I just got one for my wife... over a month ago. It came last week. They make you pay for 2 day shipping and they made me pay tax (in Indiana). So add about $40 to the cost. I wasn't too happy about that.

The phone is very nice. Fast, pretty, and fun. All radio signals are good, battery is decent, camera is great, regardless what some reviews say. It's a high end phone at a mid range price. I think it is worth it and would do it again. In fact I'd get one for me of I had the disposable income.


@llamabox: We got a bumper from Amazon for $10. Some of the reviewers liked it better than Google's. I can't speak to that but I can say that the $10 one on Amazon is pretty nice. Plus they have it in stock.


Google appears to be working the LG (?) to ramp up production. I found this story today.

Also, there are two apps (if you have an Android phone) that will let you know when it is back in stock.



Sorry, I was on my tablet when I posted that. My tablet browser doesn't play nice with deals.woot so I made it as short and sweet as I could. The link above is the one we purchased.