questionswhat do you think about another star wars movie?


The end is near. Prepare for Zombies and meteors!!


This could get will largely depend on the direction they take with it. I'm willing to give it a chance.


It could be good. It all depends on how its done. I'm not well versed, but I've heard plenty of good things about the extended Star Wars universe. If the new film took from these stories, it could be a winner.

I'd say it also depends on how much control Disney exercises. Take the recent Marvel films for instance. They've been pretty good, despite Disney ownership. If the right people get creative control over a new SW film (which is pretty possible) that could also be quite helpful.


You press that only if Jar Jar comes back


It's conceivable. There are so many great story-lines to adapt into film. I, for one, really enjoyed the X-Wing series that focused on the adventures of Wedge Antilles. But Wedge won't seem that interesting except to nerds like me. It would be a better TV series rather than a film.

The Thrawn trilogy seems the most poised to be adapted into film, although all the actors are way too old to reprise their roles and I don't think people will accept a brand new Han, Luke, Leia and Lando.

The problem is that the original 6 films were, essentially, origin stories. Episodes 4-6 focused on the origins of Luke and the 1-3 focused on his father. Origin stories are a very easy way to frame a movie into identifiable plots. Disney almost exclusively focuses on these types of films.

Some of the other familiar tropes include a love story (perhaps on Luke and Mara Jade or Han and Leia) or a thriller (Jacen Solo's very confusing path to the dark side and redemption, similar to Anakin Skywalker's).


I'm excited. Very interested in what happens after Return of the Jedi.

Better yet, with Lucas as a consultant instead of running the ship, I'm optimistic that we'll see more Empire Strikes Back than Phantom Menace.


If they follow the books of Timothy Zahn and dont add any Jar-Jar B.S., they should be ok.


It's a sad testament the horribleness of the prequels and "revisionist history" that my first thought wasn't "That sounds cool," but rather was "Geez, I hope they don't screw things up anymore then it already has been."


@mml666: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +!+!+!+!+!+

Dang, I can only upvote you once. I've always thought Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" trilogy deserved to be made into movies. Up till now, all I could hope for was a CGI-cartoon treatment a la "Clone Wars," but with Disney pledging to make big budget movies, maybe they'll be live action!

Here's hoping Disney is a) aware of them and b) smart enough to use them as a basis.

p.s. Thrawn is a bad @ss
p.p.s. the Noghri are even badder


can't be any worse than episode 1, but then again disney is making it...