questionsdo you like your dishwasher?


Nope. She's super lazy. Let's the dishes pile up in the sink for a few days, complains the whole time about how much she hates the dishes.

Did I mention I'm the dishwasher?


I like my dishwasher very much. But I have good self-esteem.


DoI like my daughter? I'm actually pretty fond of the little thing. Her upkeep is expensive, and she has a tendency to be a little loud sometimes, but she gets the job done eventually.


We have two. My wife and I make a great team washing the dishes ;)

It's actually been quite a while since I've had a dishwasher...I miss those wonderful contraptions. I'm convincing my wife that we'll need one for our new apartment that will be finished being built in Julyish.

By way of advice...for a couple years while I was in highschool, my mom tried out one of those smaller, more compact dishwashers to save some money and space in the kitchen...I wouldn't suggest getting a small one though. Even if you don't have big dishes now, you end up getting them, and we were constantly frustrated with fitting things into it.


I would avoid LG dishwashers. We had three issues during the warranty period. While all three were eventually covered they all took almost a month each to correct. The repairmen all complained about the lack of parts or the wait time for parts from LG.


I purchased my Bosch dishwasher back in 2005, zero problems seven years later and is still super quiet. Granted I paid $749 back in '05 for it but so worth it and will never buy another brand.


I have a Maytag and it is pretty good. It does have a stainless steel interior, which is nice, although it does get streaky. I run citric acid through it occasionally when I think it is getting build up on the heating coil and whatnot. Mine has a timer and sanitize and other good stuff but what it does not have is an element to heat the water to a hotter temperature. I should have made sure that it did. It is probably a good feature for anyone but when you live in an apartment and have no control over the not-very-hot water temperature, it makes a big difference.

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thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going to have to avoid Maytag it looks like. I'm sure they are fine and i'd never have a problem, but i lost every possession i ever had in a fire back in 06 and when something like that happens the words "could catch fire" automatically runs me off. Glad someone mentioned LG, since i was considering them. We have LG washer/dryer combo and love them but i hadn't checked up on their dish washers. anyway, thanks again for the feedback


i got the model i could afford at the time. i will never ever buy another fridgadaire (sp) dishwasher again. when it cant get wet koolaid out of a glass cup that says something. then it started sticking about 2/3 of the way thru the cycle and running for 8 hours. when the repair guy said we were lying was the last straw. NEVER AGAIN. (is it wrong that i now want to break it enough that i will have to replace it?)


I picked up up the world's most basic diswasher to replace my dying 500-setting-machine from the 80s that came with the house. My new one has one dial, and one switch for the heated dryer. I picked it up for $150 at the Sear's Outlet Store. It is quiet, efficient, and does exactly what it's designed for. I'm not sure my dishes can get any cleaner than what this thing does, so I'm pleased.


I had several, but parts kept becoming unavailable - so now I have a Kitchen-Aid (uses commercial parts, so they will always be available), so of course, it's never needed a repair (not for the last 10 years anyway)...


Just got a new Bosch. Love it. It doesn't have a timer (wish it did), but other than that it is great. I bought a slighly better model than the Ascenta (top pick from Consumer Reports) because it had a full stainless steel tub. It is very quite (but not completely silent, can't have everything) and gets the dishes very, very clean. A bit over your price range but not by much.

This is the Ascenta, the one rated #1 by CR|1


CR has BOSCH as the top 8 rated models. Wide range of prices. The 4 top rated are from the Ascenta line with top honors going to model SHE3AR7[]UC @ $600. Followed by Ascenta SHE3ARF[]UC (Lowe's) for $650, SHX3AR5[]UC @ $600, and SHX3AR7[5]UC @ $700.
Manufacturers fall in line as follows; Bosch, Miele, KitchenAid, Bosch. The separation in overall score between these three is only 3 points! Next come Kenmore, Bosch, Thermador, and KitchenAid. This should give you an idea of which manufacturers are quality.


our dishwasher is the overflow for the cupboards, like literally it takes more time loading/unloading/rewashing whatever food the dishwasher missed than to just grab the old sponge and go to town. I saw an article about Zeolite being incorporated into dishwashers, which if you haven't read or heard its like the best thing since sliced bread, anyways here is the article,


We have a Maytag QuietSeries 300. We love it. We didn't want to pay for a stainless tub (big increase in $$$) but this was a better-than-average dishwasher feature-wise.

One feature I very highly recommend is a timer. We can throw everything in and set it to start in 0,1,2,3 hours as we like. Very handy for busy mornings when we tend to realize we need to run it but we've both already showered and hence there isn't much hot water left in the house.

Unfortunately, there was a recall on this model (which applied to several similar models of more than one manufacturer and was fixed for free); apparently some of them had an unfortunate habit of catching fire. Ours certainly never caught fire in spite of running at times when we're not home.


I like my Whirlpool when it works, but it's got a thermal fuse in the control panel that blows every once in a while that renders it useless until I spend another $20 to replace it.

If I didn't know how to do that myself I would have thrown the POS out a long time ago. And I've only owned it about 4 years.


Love my Maytag, purchased three years ago for under $500. Whirlpool Outlet online has great deals on appliances, FYI... that is where I bought the dishwasher. They do white glove delivery and sometimes they have free delivery and discounts.


@nws2002: Agree. My Kenmore washer has an LG part on it, which failed within 2 years. The Sears repair guy who came to our house felt so bad that he fudged the paperwork so we wouldn't have to pay for the new part/his service. We ended up installing it ourselves when it arrived. But yeah, was pretty pissed that something on a $1200 appliance could fail so quickly.


@ndcouch: I used to work for Sears Parts (the place you call to get warranty parts ordered). I'm a bit surprised to hear that someone had a problem with an LG appliance. They always seemed to be the good ones. I've heard nothing but good things about Samsung stuff though.

If you want to go for a budget brand, look at Hotpoint. The prices are decent, and parts are easy to find and relatively cheap.


We bought a Whirlpool Gold Model xxxxxx two years ago and have no problems with the purchase. I put exes because model numbers change at least yearly.