questionsthe product writeups are starting to get sparse…


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I was wondering this myself. What use to be an awesome staple of Woot is thinning out fast it seems. What is going on?


@bluejester: Obviously I don't know, but it seems like the numbers of items on woot have increased from five a day just a year ago to... hundreds?, without any increase in the number of staff writers. Mods have started writing some of the blurbs for the woot plus sales. Someone is writing all those polls, plus all the blog posts across the pauses, counts eight sites. I'm not sure if woot does any focus group testing, but I wouldn't be surprised if the product write-ups contribute to the "woot sensibility" but don't contribute to purchase rates; the former is very difficult to quantify and probably doesn't have much measurable return-on-investment.

Plus (pun intended), the newest website version requires a viewer to click specifically to read the product write-up; woot can measure what percentage of visitors actually click through. Personally, I can't remember the last time that I read a product write-up.


FWIW, we mods have only taken what used to buyer quotes. The writers still do everything else.


I actually do read many of the write-ups as a Woot Minion. Its up to us Minions to keep the writers employed, or who knows what they will write.


@gmartell: you're a good man or woman.

For those who are worried, us writers are still around and- oh, hey, look at this