questionsis there christmas stuff up in your stores…


No. If there was I would boycott shopping there. Summer isn't even over yet.


Yes, my Costco in Kirkland WA had Christmas stuff when I was there last week.


Yes, my Mom and Aunt went shopping last Thursday and my Mom mentioned some of the stores were starting to put out Christmas stuff. It's just too early for me. What happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? They just skip right to Christmas.

Actually, it's too early for me for Halloween or Thanksgiving too. There should be a 30 day rule or something!


Costco always puts stuff out really early in the season, summer stuff like swimsuits, inflatable pools, tubes for towing behind boats in early spring, summer stuff went clearance over a month ago at costco, and christmas stuff will be out there soon.

All the other stores around me started putting out halloween/thanksgiving items a week or two ago, they usually wait til halloween week to start christmas items at most stores around here.


I was at WalMart a few days ago, and there was one aisle of Halloween candy. They didn't have anything up for Thanksgiving or Christmahanukwanzaakkah yet. At least not that I noticed. I thought I saw a Festivus pole in the Home section, but it was just a floor lamp.

Also, that aisle may just be enormous bags of candy all year long. It wouldn't surprise me.


Sadly, some stores have. It's depressing really, it's way to early for Christmas stuff.


Christmas?! I have not yet adjusted to there being Halloween candy just after July 4th. You can put up Halloween candy after Labor Day -- even that is 8 weeks early. I can only take so much!


I just stopped into a local variety store today and they had the Christmas light display set up right next to the BBQ supplies. this is WAY TOO EARLY!!!


I will say in their defense, that it lets you spread out the cost over a few months instead of all at once. I've been stashing stuff for Christmas for a while now.


No, but plenty of Halloween stuff.


I'm one of those extreme decorator types: I put up entirely too much for the Holidays, sychronize my lights to music, and even have a website dedicated to my display (

While I may appreciate the availability of stuff this early, I too think it's a bit much. I understand craft stores, etc needing to get stuff out early since people need to have time to finish the project. BUT the limited number of crazy people like me doesn't warrant K-Mart having lights up in August.


@rprebel: Yes i'm seeing it and I"m getting ready to put up my own FALL and THanksgiving decorations. So Never too early I guess


I actually have a project in mind... So I guess this year around I won't be all grinch-y about it.


@nikkosmith: Never too early to put up Thanksgiving decorations...unless it's the beginning of September, in which case IT'S TOO EARLY.

I kid. Put up your decorations whenever you like. Just don't be surprised by the strange looks you get.