questionswhy is the text box field required when tattling…


Yeah, me either, but I find that things I expire get expired faster if I make some comment or other that shows I'm not just clicking the box for the sake of (dare I say it?) building my reputation by claiming things are expired when they're not.

The past few days, I've pointed out expired things, and duplicate things, several times, without them taking, but that's a different issue.

I also don't think it's required since I've just clicked on the "Expired" pull down and hit submit, and it seems to work. Has that changed?


@shrdlu: On IE, FF, Chrome, and Safari, it makes the text field red, informs me that the field is required, and fails to submit the tattle.


I like trying to think of something witty. That little text box allows me that opportunity, and I also get to boss them around by saying things like "Price has gone up to __, now EXPIRE THAT DEAL!!!!" Whenever I see the deal has been expired, I sometimes think "Ha! The staff not only listens to what I say, they actually follow my orders!"

It's the little, stupid things in life that count.


@chris12345: Dang. I must always put something in there, then. Okay, so...

I lied. I deliberately told you a falsehood. I could swear it used to work, but I've been distracted with other crap. Mea culpa.

Have you tried just hitting a couple of spaces?


@shrdlu: :)

Spaces won't work. Letters, numbers, or punctuation will, and I can of course just mash the keyboard to make the form happy, but I don't see a reason to require any input at all.


@chris12345: You could always just tell them the following cut-and-paste shpeal...

Deals.woot is a deal aggregator and it doesn't sell anything itself: it's just a place for you to find out about good deals that can be purchased elsewhere on the web. If you purchased something from a deal listed on deals.woot, you have to communicate with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.
Most of us answering your question are not staff, so we don't have any special abilities to view your order history.
If you did make a purchase from a Woot site, you should to check your Woot order history for the site from which you ordered.
Sellout Woot:
Main Woot:
Shirt Woot:
Wine Woot:
Kids Woot:
(if you're not sure, check them all)


- cont'd -

If you still don't see your order, send us a link to the deals.woot address from which you purchased.

I thought it was witty the first time I put it in the tattle box :)


I usually just post something like price is now [higher price], or "past deal expiration date", or "sold out", etc. so the staff knows why it's expired.


@tsfisch: Totally what I do, too.

I figure that Woot staff wanted to make sure Wooters are thinking through their tattle at least a tiny bit.


I usually make some reference to the dead parrot sketch.


I use it to whisper sweet nothings in Woot staffers' ears.