questionsdo you feel that many star wars fans are whiners…


Your right. They cry about almost EVRYTHING.
Han shot first, no it was...Nobody cares. Han wins either way.
No original cuts for the Blu Ray, WHAAAAAA.

I enjoy the series, sure I think some things could be different our better, but what can't be broken down and picked apart?
I have to say the 3D is the dumbest idea though. Lets take movies shot in the 70's and relayer them for 3D. It won;t look horrible at all.


"Special Edition" changes - That's like taking a classic book, say Fahrenheit 451, and releasing a "Special Edition" with huge explosions, and Guy Montag changed into a sparkle-vamp a la Twilight. Or if Da Vinci painted a hat on the Mona Lisa, decades after it was first made, because it was something he wanted all along, and just didn't have the resources for previously. It is taking something established, and public, something that people are used to, and changing it. Like removing the guns from E.T. South Park did a pretty good take on this.

It isn't just Star Wars that is getting forced into 3D. If it wasn't shot in 3D, it shouldn't be in 3D. Post-production 3D, for ANY movie, is just a gimmick to make money and create hype.


@apfrehm: Hmm. I do see your point. But you make it sound as if the originals don't exist any more. If the original Mona Lisa was painted over, THAT would be a disaster. But remaking an original is just a different artistic interpretation. Look at music: remixes are different takes on some songs. Some are better than others, but it is an artistic re-imagining of an existing production.

Oh! And I'm honestly not trollin'. I just have never heard an honest discussion about it without people resorting to the Han shot first argument being prevalent.


@zomgrei: You know, I hadn't looked into it until now, but I was under the impression that you just couldn't get the original, unedited movies any longer, at least without resorting to [edit: keep it legal]. That isn't the case after all, with the DVDs for 4-6 having both versions available. (At least the packaging claims.)

Unfortunately, at least on the version I am looking at, the reviews are pretty harsh with regards to the quailty of the original versions, as if Lucas put them on as an after-thought, just to say "Hey, I gave you both."

So without a good quality copy, though a copy still exists, it would (to use my original example) be like owning a polaroid of the "original" Mona Lisa, and the original now possessing a large sombrero. So I can look at my polaroid, but it just makes me more annoyed that the polaroid is an image of something that no longer exists in that form.

If there is a good quality original release available, then it wouldn't bug me much at all.


@apfrehm: I could agree with that. I think an original, untouched copy restored would be the kindest thing to do to the OT.

However, I still cringe at the tongue-lashing the prequels get. I was fairly upset at the reaction to the films, especially since Episode I was clearly marketed towards kids and the other two towards teenagers. Uncle George just wants to tap in on a market that will be bringing in the money in 10 years. The stories behind the movies aren't terrible; the acting is what gets most people and they end up tearing into the content of the films over the acting, which I feel is misdirected.


I remember all the talk about jarjar in ep 1 being a racist creation of the writers and producers, that he was the "black" or "slave" character. Totally idiotic to debate any movie at that level.

Oh, Han shot first.