questionswhen someone buys you dinner, do you consider…


It all depends on where they are taking you out to eat. If you are going to a steak house, they are expecting you to order a steak and the cost that goes with it. If you are going to a casual dinning place like Red Lobster, going and ordering the lobster tail with steak topped with shrimp would be over the top.

Ordering something from the middle price range to middle-high is completely acceptable. Also, you may be able to take clues from what others order as well.


Just relax, don't over think it, and buy whatever you would buy if you were paying for your own dinner.


it would depend on is your boss taking you as your boss or as your friend?

either way i would consider that this is the boss and it will reflect on you when you get back to work again. (whether they think you a frugal or extravagant with others money)


I was taken to dinner by a boss when I was younger, one of the other guys that went along ordered the most expensive lobster dish on the menu, even though he had never tried lobster and didn't even know if he liked it. He didn't finish it and he lost what little respect that everyone had for him.

I would say, that you should just get something that you know you will like, put a good dent in it and take the rest home. So long as you do that and are yourself, you will be fine.


I agree with @proxgotsthafia
As your boss is trying to take you out to dinner, which is a nice gesture, I don't see why you would want to "stick it to the man" when the "man" is trying to be nice.

Myself, I order what I would generally eat, and what is considered safe. If I can't afford it with what is in my wallet, I don't order it. Enjoy the dinner, and be glad to have a boss who recognizes you are a human, but certainly don't be mean spirited (even though this was surely not your intent).
Happy birthday, by the way.


Have 3 meals planned in your head. Cheap, average, and treating yourself.
Act indecisive and ask for the person paying to order. Listen closely.
Always order equal or cheaper than the them.*
*Exceptions only in few cases. Like dietary restrictions, heavy work-out...


I do personally, but I have a single friend that doesn't and it prompted me not to offer to pay anymore.

When we do go out and I offer to pay he buys what he would normally buy which is fine, except it is usually the most expensive thing. The last time we did this his kids came and he basically just assumed it was okay and I would cover them since he didn't have any money.

I personally take cost into consideration and maybe go cheaper than what I would get. I don't like to be the one who makes the other person feel like I do when I pay for people.


When my boss took me out to eat, I ordered the most expensive thing that I saw on the menu...after all, the Grand Slam doesn't cost THAT much!


I find taking someone out for a meal is a good gift. If your boss chose the location then they've also chosen a price range, but you still get to choose what you eat.

Like others have said get something you would eat within a reasonable price range. Usually I just try to get something I've been wanting to try, but haven't felt paying for. If my boss takes me out I'll get something more expensive than I would normally get, or order a something extra like a drink or a dessert. It really depends on who is taking you to dinner.