questionswhat happened to all the deals? those…


What, no love for the fortune cookie soap?


looks like they still post coupon codes to retailmenot

you can supplement your deals.woot savings with retailmenot. it's what winners do!


It wasn't too long after Amazon bought them out that those deals were cut way back to 20-25% off and the free shipping threshold went up too. I guess Amazon needs them as a cash cow. But I quit shopping there because now you can find better deals elsewhere, oh well.


I only heard of them, and only bought from them, when they posted the 50% off deals. Their regular prices were comparable to wal-mart, so their 50% off deals were great...


@stevesox: fortune cookie soap is another company that posts deals on deals.woot. they sell soaps and shampoos, most (all?) soaps are shaped like fortune cookies.